MSA Safety

Airport and Aircraft Fall Protection Equipment

MSA offers a range of Latchways® fall protection solutions for personnel working on the wings and fuselage of aircraft undergoing maintenance, repair or while being constructed and also for personnel working on airport buildings and structures.

The innovative Latchways WinGrip® vacuum anchor solution can be deployed on any size of aircraft whether parked inside or out. Conversely, a Latchways overhead cable system provides a permanent resource for inside a hanger or construction facility

Company Profile

  • Fall Protection for Wing and Fuselage Maintenance

    MSA’s Latchways vacuum anchors, WinGrip®, allow single or multiple users to have quick access to the wing and fuselage either inside or outside the hanger for routine maintenance.

    The vacuum anchors are lightweight, easy to install, intrinsically safe and have been specified by both Boeing and Airbus. A guardrail system can be plugged into the vacuum anchors for longer term maintenance.

    MSA’s Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD), which is incorporated into a full body harness, completes the aircraft maintenance fall protection package.

  • MSA’s Cable Based Fall Protection Systems for Roof Access

    MSA’s Latchways Constant Force posts are designed to be top-fixed to the roof sheet and so do not compromise the integrity of the roof. In the event of a fall, all the loads generated on the system are absorbed by the Constant Force posts and therefore no damage is impacted on the roof sheets to which they are attached.

    The Latchways Constant Force post has been tested and approved by all the major roofing manufacturers for use with their roof systems.

    The MSA Latchways ‘Constant Force’ load absorption technology has set the standard within the fall protection industry and still leads the way in performance allowing three people roof access at any one time.

    To complete the roof access package Latchways Personal Rescue Device® (PRD®) is integrated into a full body harness which, in the event of a fall, allows the user to self rescue and lower them self to the ground within seconds.

  • Fragile Roof Protection with Walkways, Guardrails and Fall Proof Covers

    Access to fragile roofs is one of the biggest causes of injury within the working at height industry.  MSA has addressed this problem with a range UPVC walkways (WalkSafe®) and fall proof covers that can be used on all traditional, older, fragile roof types especially where frequent access by multiple untrained users is required.

    To complement these products MSA hasa range of guardrail systems (VersiRail®) in folding curved and upright formats that are easy to install due to the use of lightweight aluminium components.  Whether top fixed or free standing MSA’s guardrail systems are generally regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing, complementing modern architectural design.

  • Overhead Fall Protection, Inertia Reels and Ladder Fall Protection

    MSA’s SRLs (self retracting lifelines) can be used in conjunction with the overhead cable systems

    A ‘trolley’ runs the full cable span, gliding through intermediate fixings to which the SRLs are attached. MSA SRL’s innovative technology not only greatly reduces the time spent on maintenance but also ensures they do not need to be sent back to the manufacturer for servicing – minimizing down time and lowering running costs.

    A revolutionary locking and braking system makes them 100% consistent in their performance as well as rugged and durable due to their modular design.

    As the effectiveness of hooped ladder systems become more circumspect MSA’s vertical cable lifelines ensures safe access on ladders.

    Cable is fixed to the entire length of the ladder and in so doing provides the attachment point for the LadderLatch attachment device which in turn is connected to the front D ring of a full body harness.

    Should anyone slip and fall the LadderLatch unit locks to the cable immediately arresting the fall and minimizing the fall distance.