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Border Management Solutions and Systems, Biometric Identification and Verification

Founded in 1981, the Mühlbauer Group has ever since grown to a leading global player of the security sector. With around 3,000 employees and 35 production and service locations worldwide, Mühlbauer has created a strong competence network around the globe.

The company specializes in innovative end-to-end solutions focusing on the production, personalization and issuance of ID documents, and comprehensive border management solutions (MB IDVERSO®) enabling the reliable identification and verification of individuals and documents. Vision inspection technologies and semiconductor and RFID applications complete the portfolio.

In order to enhance its competences and to provide customers with optimized solutions Mühlbauer continuously invests in latest technologies and innovative processes. Clients benefit from three decades worth of experience Mühlbauer Group has gained during the lead in no less than 300 ID projects.

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Company Profile

  • MB IDVERSO® – Modern Border Management

    In times of rising traveler volumes, border control solutions must ensure efficient clearance whilst meeting highest security requirements. To address this challenge, Mühlbauer has developed the MB IDVERSO® border management solution.

    Designed to cover all types of border-crossing points, MB IDVERSO® can be flexibly customized for any traveler volumes or security needs. The entire solution comprises three functional layers:

  • Smart Passenger Management

    Connecting all the touch points along the passenger’s journey through the airport based on biometric identification improves security and efficiency and increases passenger satisfaction.

    The MB IDVERSO® FASTLANE is an integrated solution for airport passenger facilitation, which combines automated border control, on-the-fly security systems and self-boarding systems. Based on cooperation between government authorities, airport operators and airlines, the MB IDVERSO® FASTLANE enables passengers to autonomously perform enrollment, check-in, baggage drop-off, security checks, border control and boarding.

    • Integrated touch points: Automated passenger identification based on biometric data, collection of travel information (e.g. luggage data, security check results etc.) for temporary storage in the system
    • Enhanced security: Automated risk assessment and background checks to identify potential security threats; interfaces to government systems and police databases
    • Improved convenience: Simplified and transparent workflows, reduced queue times and hassle-free procedures contribute to a high-quality airport experience for passengers
  • MB FAST GATE – Fully Automated Border Control

    The MB FAST GATE series, designed according to the Frontex best practice technical guidelines for ABC systems, combines modern, cost-efficient design and latest technology to accelerate and secure border control.

    Based on a user-centric approach the MB FAST GATE supports all eMRTD, ePassports and eID cards and enables individuals to perform fully automated border-crossing. Characterized by a modular hardware and software architecture the MB FAST GATE fulfills highest security standards and can be flexibly integrated into any environment.

    The comprehensive verification process of persons and documents includes numerous measures against manipulation or fraud, such as:

    • Measures against identity and document forgery
    • Physical security measures against forced access
    • Vision systems for detecting double persons and forgotten items
    • Combination with online video surveillance systems is possible

    The MB KIOSK self-enrollment solution allows for the pre-registration of travelers based on travel document validation as well as biometric identification and verification of the traveler.

    The MB KIOSK is adaptive, teachable and able to store all data which the immigration authorities deem necessary concerning the immigration process. Such information includes but is not limited to travel documents, the holder of the document, the actual procedure and feedback from background systems, for example national and international watch lists.

    The MB KIOSK can be flexibly integrated into the passenger management system. It helps to reduce queuing times and thus ensures a faster and stress-free travel experience.


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