Electric Pedestrian Power Tugs for Airports

Multi-Mover Europe BV is a leading manufacturer and designer of electric pedestrian power tugs and electrical power dollies. We commerce electric pedestrian tractors since 2005. Besides basic models Multi-Mover also manufactures electric hand tugs under private labels as well as customised electric tractors.

Are models can be used inside and outside, on roads and off road. We use a patented differential drive system to have full traction with maximum control on low speed. All out products are low maintenance and very safe to use.

The Multi-Mover produktion takes place in the Netherlands on several locations. In Cuijk, Deurne (inox), Leiden und Oud- Beierland. The sales offices are in the Netherlands in Cuijk and in Germany in Moers.

Multi-Movers are used all over Europe in industry, agriculture, aeronautics, recreation, health services and transport.

Some recent Multi-Mover references are Airpart Flughafen Nürnberg (D), NATO Geilenkirchen (D), NATO Trapani (IT)  Baikonur Cosmodrome (RU) Transavia Schiphol Oost (NL), Bombardier (D),  KLM Maintenance Schiphol  (NL) , Billund Lufthavn (DK),  Fokker Stork Aircraft, (NL) MTU, Friederichshafen & Singapore Porsche, Weissach (D), CNB Yacht Bordeaux (FR)  Daimler, Stuttgart (D)

The Multi-Mover is a Dutch product. All our products are EC,  have German UVV and TüV certified and have a 2-year guarantee.

Company Profile

  • Tow Tugs for Aircrafts, Docks and Docking Systems

    20 – 40 Tons (17,500 Newton)

    • Aircraft Tow Tractors, Baggage Tractors up to 20 Tons
    • Aircraft Positioning Units up to 40 Tons
    • Tugs for Airport Operations, MRO, FBO & Aircraft Production up to 40 Tons
  • Power Tugs for Cargo and Docks

    10 – 20 Tons (11,000 Newton)

    • Airport Towing Trucks for Material Handling
    • Pedestrian Towing Tractors
  • Towing Tug for Jet-Shop, Handling and Baggage Carts

    5 – 10 Tons (5,000 Newton)

    • Pedestrian power tugs for the jet-shop or aircraft maintenance
    • Tow tugs for carts and trolleys with or without remote control
    • Container tugs
    • Luggage trolley tractors
  • Compact Electric Tugs for Cages, Waste Skips, Small Trailers

    1 – 5 Tons (2,000 Newton)

    • Compact electric towing vehicles and tow tractors
    • Cart movers and trolley movers with or without remote control
    • Power tugs, trailer tugs and tow hand trucks for smaller airports
    • Axles and Transmissions  for electric pedestrian tugs


Multi-Mover Europe BV
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5431 NN
  • 0031 24 744 00 70
  • 00 49 2841 999 8083