Multihog Ltd.

Airport Winter/Airside Maintenance Vehicles / Snow Blowing / Snow Sweeping

Multihog Ltd. manufacture multipurpose implement carriers for the airport, highway and groundscare maintenance market.  Manufactured from Multihog’s base in Ireland, Multihog’s vehicles are suited to an endless array of all year round applications including; snow blowing, snow ploughing, sweeping,  salt spreading, grass cutting, hedge cutting, road planing and forklift applications.

The Multihog vehicles are self propelled, diesel powered and hydrostatically driven implement carriers that are designed to provide an all year round solution with their small size but exceptionally heavy duty, robust build.

One Machine – One Driver – Endless Applications

Company Profile

  • Airside Maintenance Vehicle

    The Multihog MH90 is the perfect choice for airside maintenance.  This hydrostatically driven one machine – one driver – endless application machine offers a single solution vehicle for all your maintenance application needs.  With the Multihog MH90’s same track pivot steer design, it is manoeuvrable and nimble enough to carry out heavy duty jobs up close to all obstacles.  With the MH90’s hydraulic power outputs simultaneously operational on the front and the rear, it offers increased productivity at the most important times.

    The Multihog’s quick change attachment mechanism makes changing over attachments an effortless two minute job to maximise on the versatility of the Multihog.  The exceptional 360° driver visibility and large spacious cab with low vibration and noise levels greatly improves the ease of use and resulting productivity of the Multihog.  The Multihog MH90 provides an all year round, versatile, winter maintenance solution.

  • Versatile & Robust Airport Implement Carrier For All Seasons

    The Multihog MH90 is not just the optimum airport winter maintenance solution; it is also suited to all year round applications from snow clearance to grass and hedge cutting and road planing to forklift applications.

    The Multihog has a 2000kg lift capacity on the front, a 2000kg carrying capacity on the rear and a 3000kg towing capacity, significantly increasing the versatility and usability of the Multihog.  With a gross vehicle weight of 6000kg, the Multihog MH90 is the Swiss army knife of small but heavy duty implement carriers.

  • Airport Ground Vehicles

    With MultiHog Sure-Drive Differential Locking System

    The Multihog’s patented 2 stage Sure Drive System, SDS, ensures the Multihog MH90 stays capable and productive operating in all conditions.  This diff lock system can be engaged on the go from within the cab, while operating an attachment with no loss of power and no generation of heat.

    Stage one locks the left and right independently, this results in of operating off road there is no ground disturbance and the same track pivot steer design of the Multihog can still turn without marking the ground.

    Stage two, which is rarely required, continues from stage one now locking the two front wheels together, providing a true 4 wheel drive hydrostatic system.

    This helps increase productivity and reliability across applications in all year maintenance solutions and particularly winter maintenance solutions.


  • Airside Maintenance Vehicles

    Increasing Productivity, Decreasing Downtime

    The Multihog’s heavy duty build and components makes it the perfect solution for spring, summer, and autumn and winter maintenance solutions.  Designed and speced for heavy duty use, the Multihog’s build  allows for heavy duty use, all year round, operating heavy duty attachments.

    The 4 individual wheel motors have an approximate 5000kg carrying capacity. Every panel is immediately and easily removable allowing instant access to all areas of the Multihog MH90.  Heavy duty cooling system ensures the Multihog MH90 never experiences overheating.

    The Multihog MH90’s unique paint system has exceeded a 2000 hour salt spray test, equivalent to 10 years in the field.  This all reduces maintenance time required to the Multihog MH90, ensuring it remains operational when it’s needed most.


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