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napcabs –  Premium Sleeping Cabins at Airports

napcabs is the professional partner in the installation and operation of high-quality sleeping cabins in secure areas of airports.

napcabs provides airports with an optimal solution to offer passengers an improved level of comfort and a private space for the time they spend at the airport waiting for their flight. High quality in processing and in the materials employed as well, as the constant further development of the product are the benchmarks of the company.

The air-conditioned sleeping cabins are manufactured in Germany and can be put into operation all over the world. The first cabins are successfully launched at Munich Airport.

They offer passengers all the comfort they need for a quick time-out: Privacy, sufficient space for baggage, a comfortable bed, a table, a comprehensive, intuitive range of multi-media, as well as internet access and various light settings.

An attractive design combined with efficient use of space make the complete cabin into some-thing which can quickly be positioned and installed wherever needed with the minimum of time and effort – especially in locations which otherwise have no other purpose.

Whether they be for relaxation, for work or merely for a few hours’ sleep – napcabs sleeping cabins are the ideal product for the premium design of airport terminals.

Company Profile

  • Airport Sleeping Cabins

    Enter the next level in passenger comfort inside airport terminals

    napcabs is operating sleeping and relaxation cabins inside airport terminals and for short-term use. The operational concept of these premium cabins is specially designed to meet the challenges of high security transit zones in busy airport terminals. Particularly where passengers have long stopover times or experience extended waiting.


    The operation of a napcabs sleeping cabin is based on a revenue share model without any financial risk for airports.

    • Required space inside the terminal is simply rented by napcabs
    • Cabins are manufactured, installed and operated by napcabs
    • Cleaning, maintenance and services are organized by napcabs
  • Features and Furniture

    napcabs are specially designed to meet the passengers needs, while they are waiting for their flight. Staying inside a napcabs sleeping cabin is the pleasant way to bypass stopover times between flights.

    • Soundproof cabin with a full bed
    • Privacy in a clean and tidy room
    • Multimedia-touchscreen with flight information and entertainment options
    • Workspace with internet access and power ports
    • Anti jet lag lighting with individual settings
    • Docking station for iPod and MP3 player
    • Alarm clock, mirror and coat hook
    • Blind at the front door window
    • Intuitive check-in and check-out with credit or girocard
  • Airport Benefits

    • Offer the next level of comfort to waiting passengers
    • Effective usage of space which is usually unsuitable for retail
    • Easily and quickly to install without interference to ongoing airport operations
    • Additional income without financial risk
  • How napcabs Work

    • Booking, check-in and check-out using the customers credit or girocard
    • Cabin status – free or occupied – is always shown on the outside screen
    • Cabin is cleaned up and equipped with fresh linen after every use
    • Cleaning process starts immediately after check-out, initiated by an automatic email or SMS to the cleaning staff
    • Equipped with an intuitive software system, there is no permanent staff required at the cabin
    • Existing escalation mechanism and a remote access ensure safety in case of emergency

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