Air Traffic Control Services

NATS provides air traffic control services at 15 of the UK’s biggest airports, and “en-route” air traffic services for aircraft flying through UK airspace. This year we will handle more than two million flights carrying over 220 million passengers.

We compete for our business at the airports and have won all 15 of our contracts by being extremely good at what we do and the service we can offer. In 2005 we won our first overseas contract, for RAF Gibraltar.

Our “en route” business is regulated, and we operate under licence from the Civil Aviation Authority. The terms of our licence, available in full on the CAA website, require NATS to be capable of meeting on a continuous basis any reasonable level of overall demand. We are charged with permitting access to airspace on the part of all users, whilst making the most efficient overall use of airspace.

NATS is leading the industry in terms of technological and business development and sells a range of product and consultancy services.

Company Profile

  • ATS Management

    Improving safety, maximising capacity

    NATS Airports offers a number of services to make sure that your airport can optimise its resources at the same time as improving safety measures.

    Everything that we do is built on the foundation of our industry leading safety management. Our systems are not only cost-effective but they allow for continuous safety improvements, targeting identified risk areas.

    A trusted partner

    Thanks to our heritage in UK ATS we have an excellent relationship with the regulators, based on trust built up over many years. This means that we have a certain degree of autonomy that allows good decisions to be made and rapidly implemented.

    We can also offer a class-leading methodology for identifying the lead indicators of risk. The advantage of this is that it enables us to proactively manage safety issues, staying one step ahead, rather than reacting to events as they unfold.

    Optimising operational performance

    Our Airport services are also highly effective when it comes to capacity issues. Where operational performance is a high priority we can offer our experience in working with the world’s busiest dual and single runway airports. These have given us an extensive working knowledge of how to make the best use of an airport’s existing infrastructure to build capacity and growth.

  • Tower & Approach

    Considering the safety, complexity, capacity and efficiency requirements it places upon an airport, you may well choose to outsource tower and approach control services. NATS is the leading provider of these in the UK.

    We have expanded our services to support customers globally, helping them solve their most problematic issues in a world where costs and capacity must be satisfied without compromising safety.

    The service we provide is highly flexible, with staff who undergo continuous professional development and are able to adapt to each airport’s operational requirements. We can also offer remote services. These support emergency or contingent operations or can be used as a way to reduce the cost of on-site ATC operations.

  • Training

    Training is an essential part of addressing any safety issues. It may be well worthwhile commissioning a training audit to see if there are gaps in your team’s knowledge and to check that they are compliant with regulations.

    Safety is always incorporated into ATC and other teams’ training courses, and we can also offer specific safety courses:

    • Safety management systems
    • Incident investigation training
  • Other Services

    Helping you Provide a Seamless Service

    As part of our ATS management offering we can also provide a range of additional services. These are designed to help your airport operate with the highest standards of efficiency and safety.

    Operational Efficiency Cells

    These cells are composed of groups of people who have a direct link to all stakeholders, for instance ATC and Operations teams. Their role is to join up all the airport functions to enable them to operate smoothly together. Our ATC expertise and knowledge of the airports ‘network’ enables us to provide optimal airport efficiency and to reduce delays.

    Business Resilience

    We have a range of tried and tested procedures that can make sure your business carries on in times of crisis or emergency. These range from reinforcement of staffing at units, to unique Critical Incident Stress Management arrangement, which are highly effective in returning staff to work after an incident.

    Where it’s essential for ATC services to continue without interruption we can provide contingent operations. These normally require additional control facilities, such as a remote tower, which can get these services up and running within an hour.

    Airfield Services

    Our experience of the airport environment and tactical knowledge of the ATC operation means we can provide a highly effective stand planning service as well as a range of other related airfield operational requirements. These can often be rolled out cost-effectively by using existing ATC systems and personnel.


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