Airport Roof Access Walkways, General Access Walkways and Handrails

With over 40 years’ experience in designing access walkways and industrial flooring, Neaco precision manufactures roof access walkways, general access walkways and access walkway handrails and balustrade for airport facilities.

The company has supplied access walkways, handrails and balustrade for some of the world’s leading airports, including London Heathrow and Hong Kong. Access walkways are manufactured from lightweight-yet-strong aluminium open grilles. Handrails and balustrade are manufactured from durable aluminium in a powder coated, anodised or mill finish.

With the ability to be placed on roof pitches of up to 10 degrees, roof access walkways can be fixed in place without penetrating the roof and offer a self-draining, low maintenance construction for simple and quick installation requiring no welding/hot works. The access walkway grillage can be installed with handrails to both sides, one side only or without handrails.

The modular grille panels are precision engineered in easy-to-handle dimensions. They are approximately one third of the weight of steel, yet offer impressive load-bearing capacity. The walkway retains a high residual value and the aluminium is fully recyclable.

Neaco’s aluminium grilles can serve a range of alternative applications, including decking, screening, ventilation, bridge cycle and pedestrian ways, cladding, staging, balustrade infills and stair treads.

Company Profile

  • Roof Access, General Access Walkways & Handrails at Airports

    Neaco's range of access walkway grilles and handrail systems provide safe, secure and long-term access solutions for general access, cleaning and maintenance of airport buildings and airport roofs. Offering a choice of specifications to meet a variety of budgets and performance requirements, these superior modular access walkways combine lightweight construction with extreme durability and high aesthetic value. Neaco access walkway and handrail systems are designed to BS EN 1991-1-1:2002.

    Modular access walkway panels are lightweight for ease of handling yet strong in construction with a patented swage-locked design which provides high structural efficiency and an impressive load-bearing capacity. They are virtually maintenance-free with no painting required. Access walkways feature a free-draining grille surface with a serrated surface for high non-slip performance. Access walkways grilles provide simple and quick installation with no welding or hot works required. Neaco access walkways can suit most standing seam roofs with a unique fixing system which allows the roof access walkway to be installed without penetrating the airport roof surface.

    The access grilles can be installed with handrails to both sides, one side only or without handrails. Neaco’s access walkways and handrails have been specified at major airports such as London Heathrow, Hong Kong and Dublin.


  • Techdek Aluminium Roof Access Walkways with Handrails

    Neaco’s original access walkway is the Techdek aluminium grille walkway and suits most standing seam roofs with a non-penetrative fixing system. Ideal for roof access and general access, Techdek walkways have been designed to adapt to the most demanding structural and environmental conditions with high technical capability and suitability for installation on roof pitches of higher gradients. Where feasible Techdek can be clamped to the roof profile without penetrating the sheeting.

    Aluminium extrusions provide a high quality, aesthetically pleasing finish, often difficult to achieve with other materials. Anodising or powder coating options are available to create a feature of the access walkway panels. Techdek’s optional handrail system has been designed as an integral element attached to the edge of the walkway. The roof access walkway retains a high residual value and the aluminium is fully recyclable.

    Integral handrails can be provided to one or both sides of the access walkway grilles. An optional 150mm kicking plate can be incorporated into the access walkway specification. Techdek access walkways are generally placed on roof pitches of up to 10 degrees, but can accommodate significantly greater pitches if required. Panels are easy to cut on site and provided in lengths for easy handling.


  • Paldek 2 Roof Access Walkways with Associated Handrails

    When the full technical capabilities of Neaco’s Techdek aluminium access grilles are not required, Paldek 2 access walkway grilles provides a highly cost-effective alternative, enjoying many of the same qualities.

    With swage, frame and serrated load bars in aluminium alloy, Paldek 2 is very similar in appearance to Techdek, providing aesthetic consistency in airport schemes where both systems are used.

    With pre-designed standard access walkway panels and innovative features such as dual-action easyfix clips, Paldek 2 massively reduces the time and cost of installation.

    Paldek 2 access panels have the ability to be placed across airport roof pitches of up to 5 degrees. Standard access panel weights are just 9kg and 4.5kg for easy handling.

    A specially designed ‘T’ edging strip to the end of longer grille access panels allows users to see clearly defined changes of direction.

    Paldek 2’s dual action fixing clamp can be secured to a roof seam and walkway with only one fixing.

    There is no need to fix a seam clamp in first and then clamp the flooring to the seam clip – the dual action clamp completes both tasks when the clamp bolt is tightened. It takes half the time to install compared to conventional clamping methods.

  • Linedek Handrails for Roof Access & General Access Walkways

    Linedek is a superb stand-alone handrail system providing safety for roof access walkways with a cost-effective and easy-to-install access solution.

    Designed to maximise structural efficiency with strong and secure support attached to the roof sheet, the Linedek handrail system is ideally suited for use in conjunction with Neaco’s Paldek 2 access walkway panels.

    The combination of Paldek 2 access walkway grilles and Linedek access walkway handrails maximise structural efficiency with strong and secure support attached to the roof sheet.




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