Digital Airside Management Solution & Aeronautical Information Digitization Environment Provider

NG Aviation is one of the leading digital solutions providers for various aviation stakeholders such as Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers, and Civil Aviation Authorities. Over the years, NG Aviation has been recognized for its high-quality digital aeronautical data solutions in the globally established AIXM5.x data format.

Being responsible for the preparation of EUROCONTROL’s AMDB Guidance material, NG Aviation has proven its expertise and comprehensive understanding of the Airport’s digital transition requirements.

NG Aviation’s Airside Management solution NG AERODROME is an integrated environment consisting of multiple modules that handle much more than just the raw aerodrome data. The environment incorporates desktop and web applications to enhance the data viewing capability for various airport stakeholders to ensure the desired level of data quality & traceability and compliance with international standards.

The fundamental principle is to provide stakeholders with easily accessible data and organizations with a painless transition from paper/analogue systems to a digital environment.

The NG-AERODROME software platform complies with the newest ICAO (Annex 14 & 15) and EU regulatory requirements ((EU) No 139/2014 ans (EU) No 2020/2148), including Digital Data Sets. The system is fully capable of complying with the existing Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2021/116) with respect to the digital aerodrome charts and digital NOTAM implementation applicable from December 31st, 2025.

NG-AERODROME allows Airports to maximize the value of the available information, gain a full understanding of the airside situation and venture into future airside developments and redesign with a reliable digital airside twin that goes beyond the traditional airport planning and management tools.


NG AERODROME – Next Generation Digital Aerodrome Data Management Environment

By introducing a unique environment for comprehensive aeronautical data digitization and management, the NG AVIATION aims to optimize the airport industry's existing business and regulatory requirements. NG-AERODROME is an integrated environment consisting of multiple modules that …


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