NIKO Airport Information System - NAIS

Total Airport System for Airports, Airlines and Ground Handlers

Niko Airport Information System is the leading Croatian provider of ICT solutions and services for Airports, Airlines and Ground Handlers for more than 25 years. We enable our users to achieve their business goals and return on investment by optimising their business processes and supporting them in their decision making.

Our values:

  • Customer satisfaction: customer is our top priority
  • Knowledge: we have extensive knowledge in aviation industry, we learn and develop continuously
  • Quality: we constantly improve the quality of our products and services
  • Efficiency: we respect deadlines and work regulations, we work effectively and responsibly

Our products:

– Software solutions for the airport industry including DCS system (Web check-in, SELF Check-in, Desk Check-in, Gate and Bodycheck modules), Weight & Balance, Baggage Reconciliation System (also iintegration with BHS), Flight Management, Season planning & parking previews, Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and sound system (FISS), Human Resource planning, Invoicing for ground handling services & Ramp agent application, Real-time Passenger status dashboard, Cargo airway bills, Lost & Found module and various statistics.

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The module “Scheduling” enables operators to plan the seasonal schedules. It is used for streamlining the process of season planning and season preview. Scheduling is a module for managing the planning and scheduling of aircraft arrivals …

Flight management - AODB

“Flight Management (FM)” module contains all information about airliners, airports, single service requests and other IATA standards. FM provides an overview of users of current events at the airport on a daily basis, as well as …

Departure Control System

“Departure Control System (DCS)” covers all aspects of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling. DCS handles various passenger, baggage and aircraft operations, including check-in, printing boarding cards, baggage acceptance, boarding, load control and aircraft checks. DCS …

Baggage Reconciliation System

The “Baggage Reconciliation System” (BRS) is a module which controls almost all baggage procedures after connecting the baggage to its owner. The BRS module is used for automated tracking of passenger baggage from the moment …

Cargo Management System

The module “Cargo” is responsible for an efficient and secure transportation of goods. By issuing Airway bills during departure and arrival, it summarises the flights’ cargo. The Airway bills are reported to the Captain to …

Weight and Balance

“Weight and Balance” (WB) module covers full load control and balance for passenger, mail and cargo flights. It is intended for balancing of aircrafts based on passenger weights, baggage weights and cargo. It collects data …

Flight Information Display System

“Flight Information Display System” or FIDS is a module for configuring and delivering flight information on dynamic screens in airports. FIDS is crucial to guiding passengers to the correct flight, gate, and baggage checkout, as …


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