Leading Manufacturer of Professional Cleaning Equipment

Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment​​​​​​. Nilfisk provides the broadest range of cleaning equipment for airports. Whatever kind of area you need to be cleaned – including outdoor areas, terminals, offices, shopping facilities and lounge areas – we have the machine to help you clean efficiently, silently, quickly and easily.

Nilfisk was founded on a vision of producing and selling products of the highest quality worldwide. For more than a hundred years, Nilfisk has responded to the changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions. Over the years, we have acquired companies to strengthen our footprints, and today we stand strong, together. We have united on the promise of being innovative and committed to deliver the best products available. Today, our founder’s vision has come true.

The Nilfisk Group is headquartered in Denmark, and we have sales companies in 45 countries. With an additional strong distributor network Nilfisk markets and sells its products through distributors in more than 100 countries. Our production facilities are located in Asia, Europe and Americas.

Our products are primarily focused on the commercial cleaning market, which includes institutional and industrial customers, as well as professional contract cleaners. Main product lines are floorcare equipment such as professional scrubber-dryers and sweepers, vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers, and outdoor utility machines.

The products are sold under a wide range of brands, including our global brands Nilfisk and Viper, and a wide range of regional and local brands such as Advance and Clarke. ​​

Company Profile

  • Nilfisk Scrubber Dryers BR652/752/752C

    Years of industry leading experience have taught us how to produce excellent scrubber dryers that ensures effective cleaning with high productivity. You can trust our scrubber dryers to have maximum lifespan, low maintenance and service cost and extreme ease of use. Our models range from small walk-behinds to large engine powered ride-ons – and everything in between.

    With the BR652/752 series everything can be done just moving the steering wheel; as the machine turns, so too does the deck. Together with the “intelligent” squeegee – which perfectly covers the scrubbing track without leaving traces – the Nilfisk concept delivers superb cleaning performance.

    This solution is so efficient that side skirts are no longer needed.

    The BR652/752 serie with the patented scrubbing deck concept offers super low noise level, ergonomic and a compact design that allows these machines to clean just about anywhere. The Nilfisk Ecoflex green-cleaning system controls the consumption of water, detergent and energy so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance!

    • Sliding deck concept; maximum comfort and performance, minimum efforts and maintenance
    • Squeegee concept; a stable and reliable squeegee for the best pick up performance
    • EcoflexTM system minimises the environmental impact without compromising performance
    • Ergonomic steering wheel concept with all working functions fully integrated
    • Patented automatic speed control that significantly increases operator safety
    • Super compact design makes cleaning of restricted space areas fast and easy
    • Low noise mode makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise sensitive areas viable
  • The perfect solution with Ecoflex

    Nilfisk Ecoflex effectively eliminates the need to clean a floor several times over, in order to get those extra dirty patches. Large surfaces are cleaned without spending precious time changing water or refilling tanks. Nilfisk Ecoflex is the perfect green solution for all hard floors – and easier to manage than ever before.

    1. Deep cleaning – Maximised cleaning effort for all kinds of high-traffic or heavily soiled areas – from vinyl to concrete floors.
    2. Green cleaning – Default eco-cleaning mode with lowflow water and regular brush pressure is ideal for green, detergent-free routine cleaning.
    3. Flexibility – With one touch of a button the operator may at will vary the performance of the machine to suit any degree of soiled.
    4. 60 seconds burst of power -Temporarily increased detergent strength, solution flow and brush pressure for a one-minute extra deep scrubbing. Perfect for difficult patches and surfaces.
    5. Low-flow detergent – Eco Dosage System precisely matches detergent intensity to the level of dirt on the floor.
    6. Low-flow water – Intelligent Eco Solution mode reduces water consumption by as much as 70 percent.
    7. No pre-mixing – Detergent and water are mixed at brush deck. No more solution pre-mixing and no more water and detergent waste. And no solution tank to empty or clean.
  • Commercial vacuum cleaners

    Nilfisk offers a wide range of commercial vacuum cleaners, providing cleaning professionals with the right solution for every task. Our range of vacuum cleaners covers everything from dry canister vacs to uprights to portable backpacks to battery-driven and wet & dry vacs.

    The VP300 HEPA offers the strong filtration solution for dust sensitive areas. The HEPA filter ensures a higher quality of air with exceptional and efficient cleaning performance.

    With very low level of noise, it is ideal for daytime cleaning in offices, reception areas, hotel rooms and other noise-sensitive areas. VP300 HEPA causes minimum disturbance within the cleaning vicinity.

    The unique feature of VP300 HEPA is the strong filtration combined with the high cleaning performance. The HEPA filter ensures a higher quality of air is maintained within the cleaning environment and the 900w motor provides an exceptional and efficient cleaning performance. To ensure the VP300 HEPA is easy to use, features such as accessories holder, power cord storage and tool parking have been incorporated. For easy maintenance this variant is equipped with a detachable cord. Furthermore an ergonomic handle enables the operator to carry the complete vacuum cleaner in one hand. With a sound level of just 67 dB(A), it makes this vacuum suitable for daytime cleaning of offices, reception areas, hospitals and other noise-sensitive areas, as it causes minimum disturbance to people who are within the cleaning vicinity. *machine only.

    • Certified HEPA filter
    • Detachable cord for safety and easy maintenance
    • Best in class filling capacity, less time spent on changing dust bags
    • Weighs just 5.3 kg (machine only), easy to move from place to place
    • Low sound level suitable for daytime cleaning
    • Secure accessory and power cord storage
    • Rear mounted tool parking
    • Eco friendly fan unit reduces power by 25% yet still achieves an excellent cleaning efficiency


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