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Water Jet Runway Marking and Rubber Removal

NLB water jetting systems for runway marking removal and rubber removal work faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods, without pavement damage or environmental concerns.  They help control the build-up of rubber and other residues that reduce airplane traction (keeping runway friction values within the accepted range) and remove old runway markings at the same time.

A water jet leader for over 40 years, NLB was the first company to apply the power of UHP water jetting to runway cleaning and maintenance.  NLB’s patented rotating water jet technology maximizes the power of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water — up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar — and sets the standard for runway maintenance productivity.

Company Profile

  • Complete Marking and Rubber Removal

    NLB introduced the first fully-integrated, closed-loop system for highways and runways in 1995 and has been adding innovative features ever since.

    Water jetting has many advantages:

    • completely removes markings, coatings, thermal epoxies, curing compound, and rubber build-up
    • works quickly, minimizing runway downtime
    • cleans deep into runway grooves
    • leaves concrete and asphalt undamaged
    • creates a stronger bond for restriping
    • eliminates dust and debris with optional vacuum recovery
    • saves labor, since fewer operators are needed
    • uses NO abrasive media or chemicals
  • Powerful Rotating Water Jets

    NLB can custom-engineer complete systems to meet customer requirements. The automated STARJET® performs marking, rubber and line removal as it drives along the runway. It integrates all the UHP water jetting components (NLB rotating nozzle assembly, ultra-high-pressure pump unit, water tank) on a heavy-duty truck.

    The water jet nozzles are mounted to a robotic arm on the front, using UHP water fed from the pump unit. The driver hydraulically raises and lowers the nozzle assembly and positions it where he needs it. A vacuum system recovers the water and debris.

    Smaller Systems Available

    The two primary StarJet models are the full-size SRV-4 and the smaller, more maneuverable SRV-1. A more compact system, the STRIPEJET™,  handles short-line jobs like aprons, gate areas and even parking decks.  A semi-automated VORTEX™ is available for smaller marking removal jobs that cannot justify complete systems but are too big for manual water jetting.


  • Runway Marking and Rubber Removal

    Rather than divert horsepower from the truck engine, as some systems try to do, the StarJet dedicates separate horsepower to the truck, the pump, and the vacuum system.  This protects against engine overload and maximizes uptime. Uptime is further enhanced by the reliable NLB pump, which needs just 15 minutes of simple maintenance every 1,000 hours.

    NLB stands behind this pump with two guarantee programs. Under the 1-year program NLB will replace any component that fails at no charge, so long as all procedures in NLB’s operating manual have been followed. The 5-year program goes even further, providing a full set of replacement parts for use while the originals are returned to NLB for free refurbishing.  In neither case is NLB responsible for labor, freight or any consequential damage.

    NLB is the only company that designs and builds its own UHP pumps and supporting equipment. NLB has more applications experience, more in-house engineering and more manufacturing capacity than anyone in the industry. Please contact us for further details and application advice.

  • Runway/Airfield Maintenance

    Advanced Features and Options:

    • Highest production rates in the industry
    • Articulated robotic arm works vertically or horizontally, and has proportional controls
    • Dual water jet heads for maximum productivity
    • Self-contained debris recovery system
    • Dedicated pump engine avoids overloading the truck engine
    • In-cab video with 3 cameras (2 front, 1 rear)
    • Remote hand pendant to control truck speed and direction, high-pressure water on/off, and skip line advance
    • Also available: a complete skid-mounted system for mounting on an existing truck chassis



STARJET® Stripe and Rubber Removal Systems

NLB water jetting systems remove pavement markings and runway rubber faster and more thoroughly than abrasive methods without damaging the pavement. NLB systems completely remove coatings, membranes, thermal epoxies and rubber build up – even …


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