Núcleo-Amper Group

Aeronautical Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems

Núcleo-Amper Group with more than 50 years experience, provides turnkey solutions for Communication and Control projects based in the integration and development of proprietary products and systems destined specifically for the Aeronautic, Security and Defence, Energy and industrial control Sectors, specifically Aeronautical Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems. Núcleo-Amper Group meets customers demands by manufacturing technologically advanced products of proven quality, which are managed according to sustainability and corporate responsibility principles.

We provide turnkey solutions for the aeronautical and maritime sectors: Aeronautical Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems; Air and Maritime Traffic Control Systems and Airport Systems.

Núcleo-Amper Group designs solutions for all flight phases, manufacturing air management systems with the latest in VoIP technology. The company boasts technological products for Air Traffic Control in towers and control centers, and technological solutions for safety, Airfield Lighting Control System and platform control.

Núcleo- Amper Group is capable of integrating and installing solutions for safe operations in the air and on the ground, such as radio navigation, location systems… and the efficient management of airport terminals: passenger information systems, global safety systems, etc.

  • More than 50 years providing high availability solutions based on proprietary products
  • 90 % of the airports rely on Núcleo-Amper Group’s technology.
  • 50+ years old VoIP Voice Communication System.
  • Núcleo, with a market share of over 84% of Spanish airports and a satisfactory experience on three continents, has an established and repeatedly proven track record.
  • Looking towards the future, CLOUD communications.
  • The personnel of the Spanish Navy communicate, receive orders and transmit information from all over the world thanks to the communication and control systems of the Núcleo- Amper Group.
  • Always working in state-of-the-art of technology with the best professionals.

The Amper Group is a spanish technological and industrial multinational with more than 60 years of experience. With a clear innovative vocation approach, oriented to provide solutions of high added value that satisfy the highest levels of exigency of its clients.


ULISES G5000i - VoIP Communications Gateway

Based on international standards for air traffic control, the ULISES G5000i acts as a bridge between Voice over IP (VoIP) and analogue/digital systems, handling legacy and VoIP radio and telephony units. It is used for …

ULISES V5000i VoIP Communications System

The ULISES V5000i is a VCS designed according to EUROCAE, ED136, ED137 standards providing access to G/A and G/G communications for air traffic controllers in all ATM areas. It is the 5th Generation of a product …

SIGNUM T 60 - Multi-Protocol Test Equipment

The SIGNUM T 60 test unit has been designed in partnership with ENAIRE for the analysis and diagnosis of protocols and lines used in communications that take place in the different Air Traffic Control Centres. …

Mobile ATC Tower

Núcleo has almost 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile air traffic control towers for both civilian and military use. The equipment comprises an ATC (Air Traffic Control) Cabin installed on …


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