Airport V/A Brackets, Mounts & Supports Manufactured 100% in Italy


omb is a family company established in 1961 in the Italian Dolomites.

Our company designs and manufactures video and audio supports since 1993 and our current production capacity is 1 million units per year. The main target is high quality of the outcome linked to top flexibility for professional clients.

We are expert producers of video and audio supports. We know that the choice of raw materials, their mix and their processing make a huge difference in terms of results. We manufacture functional solutions so that professionals can install our products with ease and video and audio technologies can perform to their best.

Focus / Patents: we invest in R&D in order to maintain high quality standards and to propose innovative solutions: others often copy our patent unique solutions.

We developed a production system who works also for short production slots; omb is the ideal partner for professionals of installing as well as for general contractors because we are able to respond to specific needs and customize products in order to meet customers demand with logical batches and quick reaction times.

This way we are highly competitive in comparison with the low price productions of the far east, even distributed by European brands, because our products are a step above and grant high quality results.

We are since many time suppliers for big installations, often customized, in Airports as well as Railway Stations, Malls, Big Ships. We sell our products in European countries as even in other continents.

7 professional standard lines with a depth of range of supports:

  • Video Wall: Supports for wide wall video screens
  • Fixed on the wall: mountings for wall fixed digital signage
  • Ceiling: supports and brackets for digital signage at ceiling
  • Dynamic wall: brackets for all situations where the movement is needed
  • Lift Line: supports ad hoc developed for being able to keep-up easily big and even heavy screens
  • Table: desks in the airport rooms as of in the offices need to sustain video: we do
  • Projector: we thought also to meeting rooms or entertainment sites

Customized solutions for professional installations in addition to standard ones: we develop on-demand dedicated solutions for several large installations all over the world; some of our on-demand solutions have been installed in airports in Arab countries or railway stations in Europe and surgery rooms in America.

Company Profile

  • Airport Digital Signage

    We designed products for supporting digital signage in crowded places like airports. The main features are robustness, reliability and ease of installation.

    We use stainless steel and aluminium first quality and all production process has certified in order to grant high standard level of the outcome.

    Innovative systems for floor signage as well as for wall installations are ready to put in all the halls of any airport who takes care of full safety of all folks. At this aim, we have a several standard mountings but our organization is able to found customized solutions new or as of changes to existing products.

  • Passenger Information

    In many years, we have gained expertise supporting our professional customers for finding innovative solutions because each airport is unique as well as unique is also each architect.

    That’s why we have in our range products like our “New-lift-adjustable” able to sustain monitor till 60″ and over of 110lbs or the “Menu-digital” which allows to install a “never-ending” succession of monitors for satisfying completely all kind of communication for passengers, like a wide range of flights as well as ADV or entertainment movie or whatever you like.

    We always start in our production from the professional’s need then we grant to find the best solution as well, with Italian care and creativity.

  • Terminal Furniture

    Airport desks of internal offices have to be efficient and able to manage and serve passengers: that is the reason why we apply science and all our Italian culture for developing desk supports as or aero brackets with as much as needed articulations for better solve any kind of situation.

    We have standard products, easy to set on the desk, able to support basic monitors like “Table Lift” for monitor as of 10″ to 26″ as well as “Table Flag” for big screen till 65″ and or “Twin Stand”, the twin legs for extra large monitors till 80″.

  • Airport Promotional Displays

    A big traffic place like an airport is good to communicate and make ADV: maxi video positioned in waiting places as or passage ones are good for this purpose.

    We studied and developed good as well as flexible solutions which match these needs: for example, our “In-Out” has been designed together with installers professional right for allowing an easy monitors maintenance as well as to install a wall of monitors as much wide as possible and with screens of big size (till 60”).

    In the same way, we thought also to those situations where screen has to be mobile but big: at this purpose, our “Electric up-down maxi” meets this kind of needs providing flexibility but in a strong and stable way; it’s safety suitable also for crowded places.


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