Voice Communication Switching and Recording Solutions

Founded in 1980, “ONUR Mühendislik A.Ş. (ONUR)” provides mission-critical systems and solutions for defence and civilian sector, with the vision of “having unique and advanced technology, to be a regional leader with professional engineering in Voice Communication, Network Enabled Capability, and Cyber Security Solutions.”

ONUR is an independent contractor specialized in the development, manufacture, integration and life-cycle support of military and civilian systems with a particular focus on three business areas:

Voice Communication Management and Recording Solutions
Network Enabled Communication Systems / IP Mesh Solutions
Cyber Security Solutions

With its desire for constant innovation and dynamism in the VOIP era, ONUR has become a permanent member of EUROCAE Working Groups 67 and 105 which are respectively tasked to define first Voice Over IP (VOIP) in Air Traffic Management and to develop standards and guidance documents for the safe operation of UAS in all types of airspace, at all times and for all types of operations.

Beyond its presence in EUROCAE Working Groups, ONUR is an active participant in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) events for ED 137 Interoperability test scenarios.

ONUR Voice Communication and Recording Solutions are fully compliant to the most stringent international standards for VOIP in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) field:

  • (ED 136) VOIP ATM System Operational & Technical Requirement
  • (ED 137) Interoperability Standards for VOIP ATM components and
  • (ED 138) Network Requirements and Performance for VOIP ATM Systems

As of today, ONUR has delivered over 400 VCS & VRS systems with more than 1500 Controller Working Positions. More than 5000 A/G & G/G Gateways radios have been integrated as part of these projects.

Although ONUR Voice Communication and Recording Solutions mainly operate for Air Traffic Management, there has been an increasing demand for these solutions in Rail Systems, Maritime and Command & Control Centres of Public & Emergency Services.

Thanks to its extensive integration background, ONUR also offers installation & commissioning services for any type of Radar Systems and Navigation Aids (ILS/DVOR/DME etc.) for airports.

Company Profile

  • Voice Communication Switching System (OCS-NG4000)

    The OCS-NG4000 Voice Communication System (VCS) is a flexible, reliable and effective solution for ATM voice switching requirements. It is a state-of-the-art technology with proven components and highly intuitive user interfaces.

    The OCS-NG4000 differs from other classic TDM based VCS products by having end-to-end IP architecture. Based on its VOIP, it allows interconnection of multiple communication sources including legacy/IP HF/VHF/UHF radios, analog/IP telephones, intercom systems and legacy audio distribution systems.

    The VCS allows operators to use advanced features like video conference, text messaging, alarm system management as well. With its fully redundant architecture, no central point of failure can affect the entire system performance.

    It allows users to access the pool of communication resources through secure Air-to-Ground (A/G) and Ground-to-Ground (G/G) gateways and to minimize investment for IP communication equipment.

    OCS-NG4000, a future-ready system, is designed to serve 24/7 operation without any interruption in voice communication. The system is fully compliant with ED 137 standards.

  • Voice/Data Recording and Replay System (ORS-IP2000)

    The ORS-IP2000 Voice/Data Recording and Replay System (VRS) is a fully redundant, highly available and easily adaptable solution for all legal recording needs.

    The “open architecture” of the system is designed with modular hardware and software components. It ensures the data is recorded in its original state with proper time stamps, as well as necessary security measures for authorized access. The system is in end-to-end IP configuration and complies with ED 137.

    There is no more need to install and support a specialized replay application for different operating systems and platforms. All of the recorded data can be replayed using ORS-IP2000’s integrated web-based interface.

    The main recording requirement is to record all voice communication traffic. However, other than voice/audio, ORS-IP2000 is capable of recording and replaying any type of data like radar screens, NAVAIDS feeds, CCTV, text messages etc.

  • Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower (OMT-M2000)

    ONUR Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower is designed to provide operational air traffic control services, where and when needed.

    The OMT-M2000 is a self-sufficient, transportable and proven solution that has a wide range of usage including temporary operations on remote locations, airport modernization, air shows, training purposes, military tactical operations, rapid deployments for emergency missions.

    All air traffic control systems like AWOS, ATIS, ATFN etc. can be fully integrated to other command and control systems. It helps to establish and maintain air traffic control operations quickly, worldwide at all weather conditions, night and day, for military and civilian aircrafts.

    OMT-M2000 is a reliable system for air traffic control requirements and stands as an advanced ATC backup solution with its highest quality and performance standards in line with FAA/ICAO regulations. The system fully complies with ED 137 standards.

  • ED 137 Gateways

    ONUR Radio over IP Gateway (RIG-200) and Telephony Gateway (TGW-NG200) are both sub-components of the talented ONUR Voice Communication System (OCS-NG4000).

    The RIG-200 Radio Over IP Gateway converts analog signals that are available on legacy systems to industry standard IP format. With its flexibility and reliability, RIG-200 gives the system an opportunity to use existing legacy radio systems in IP based communication solution approach. Since it has IP interfaces, access to both local and remote radios is possible over standard network connections. Furthermore, if the interface control information provided, RIG-200 allows the operators to remotely control the radios for over network interfaces, serial lines and discrete I/O lines and helps the system to bring all necessary functions to the CWP.

    The TGW-NG200 Telephony Gateway integrates analog and/or digital telephone lines to the system. With its software based architecture, it is possible to upgrade to new features and specifications. TGW-NG200 supports IP trunk or subscriber lines, FXS-FXO-LB-CB-E&M lines, ATS-QSIG and MFS-R2 lines, ISDN or E1 PRI digital lines.

    Both Gateways are perfectly interoperable per VOIP ED 137.

  • CNS & ATM Services

    Working as the solution partner of the OEMs, ONUR provides turnkey services for Communication, NAVAIDS and Surveillance (CNS) systems worldwide. ONUR’s expertise includes consultancy, tendering, planning, design and turnkey implementation of CNS solutions at civil and military airfields.


Voice Communication Switching System-VCS

With its state-of-the-art technology, ONUR OCS-NG4000-VCS differs from other classic TDM based VCS products by serving under fully end-to-end IP based architecture which complies with ED 137 standards. The system enables HF/VHF/UHF radio communications, including specific …

Voice/Data Recording and Replay System-VRS

Voice/Data Recording and Replay System (VRS) has a proven track record system in civilian applications including Air Traffic Control Management (Tower and ACC Applications). ONUR ORS-IP2000 (VRS) has been designed with an “open architecture” approach. Any …

Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower-MATCT

ONUR Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower (OMT-M2000) is a proven solution that has a wide range of usage including temporary operations on remote locations, airport modernization, military tactical operations, rapid deployments for emergency missions. The system …

Company News

ONUR continues to run on-site integration work of ILS/DME systems at İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

ONUR continues to run on-site integration work of ILS/DME systems at İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. With more than 40 years of experience and extensive integration know-how, ONUR has delivered turn-key projects in Communications, Navigation, and …

Mr. Basak DOYUM has been appointed as Vice President of ONUR Mühendislik A.Ş.

Mr. DOYUM graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University, and an alumnus of the University of San Francisco – Masagung Graduate School of Management from which he graduated with a Marketing MBA. …

ONUR has completed another milestone as part of projects abroad.

Air traffic controllers and maintenance personnel from the Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA) have completed factory training for the ONUR Voice Communication System (VCS) & Voice/Data Recording and Replay System (VRS) to be used at Tit-Mellil …

Onur's New "CWP Screen Casting" Feature Brings a New Meaning to At-The-Glass Recording

In the present "IP-world", monitoring and recording capabilities have become more critical and significant in mission-critical systems and applications. This not only allows the system administrators to monitor and audit what’s happening inside any given …

ONUR in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Well-known with its Voice Communication and Recording Systems in-house and abroad, ONUR expands its success with turnkey projects in Communications, Navaids and Surveillance systems (CNS). In collaboration with INDRA Navia, ONUR brings the NORMARC ILS/DME …

ONUR expanded its success with another project abroad

The OCS-NG4000 Voice Communication System and ORS-IP2000 Voice/Data Recording and Replay System that are to be used in Beni Mellal, Tit Mellil, Benslimane, Bouarfa, and Laayoune airports in Morocco, have also been preferred by the …


As cyber security is becoming more of a concern for mission critical environments and applications, more reliable security mechanisms are needed to be deployed against new types of threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Access control with …


In our 40th year, we are strengthening our stable growth with projects abroad. ONUR has signed a contract to deliver 5 VCS (OCS-NG4000) and VRS systems (ORS-IP2000) for ONDA (Moroccan Airports Authority). ONUR is the most …


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