Rubber Removal, Friction Measuring, WaterBlasting, Marking Removal, FOD Removal and Winter Operations

OPAL for the past 12 years have delivered modern and high-quality equipment for Highways, Municipals and Airports. OPAL have a wide manufacturing capacity and also supply equipment and parts to the market from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. The offered products meet internationally accepted standards of quality and OEM parts made by the best producers. The company since 2006, has delivered more than 1,000 units of equipment for mentioning market.

Winter operation equipment was the start point of production that has a wide range of outstanding products for all winter mission purposes at the Airports or On the Highways and also Cities.

OPAL is providing Skid Resistance Management Services for Airports by Friction Measuring and Water Blasting powered by special equipment for different needs on airport such as a small combo for low traffic to Ultra Huge for high traffic airports. All served operation by highly experienced staff is below:

  • Runway Rubber Deposit Removal & Surface Cleaning.
  • Runway Marking Removal & Cleaning & Rejuvenation.
  • Runway Retexturing & Preparation of new Concrete for Marking.
  • Runway Calibration and Friction Measuring.
  • Runway Skid Resistance Management Planning.

Company Profile

  • Runway Rubber Removal & Surface Cleaning

    OPAL as a holder of Water Blasting innovation serves Runway Deposit Removal for worldwide airports.

    Skid Resistance Management is one of highlighted operation that can improve service quality of airports and recovers runways suspension times. We are providing all required services for this case and consults airports to keep their runways safe by cost effective operations.

    Regarding the airport’s movement, we assist you to make your Skid Resistance Management Plan and Schedule of operation. It’s independent of the airport owns or hires equipment to operate or we provide this service it.

    All requirements of FAA Part 139 and ICAO Annex 14 are mates by our services and also durable equipment and highly experienced staff, makes all operation safe and quick.

    Operations of the service:

    Rubber Removal by Innovative Water Blasting Equipment.

    The safest method of Removing Rubber Deposit from touch down zones is Water Blasting. This method also has several technology tips that make the quality high and speed up the operation to minimize runway suspension time. By choosing the right one or customize an equipment by us, we will provide a reliable and cost effective service that meets all your airport’s criteria.

    As known, water blasting equipment is very complicated and hard to operate tools. Our staff are working 8 hours a day and are experienced on the varied pavement in all condition. It means they will do least trial and error on the site.

    On the other hand, our power of knowledge on design and build of equipment supports our engineers, technicians, and operators to improve the quality of services every time.

    OPAL Water Blasting service is for applications below:

    • Runway Rubber Deposit Removal.
    • Aircraft Parking Area Oil Removal.
    • Runway Retexturing.
    • Airfields Marking Removal.
    • Airfields Marking Cleaning and Rejuvenation.
    • Concrete Surface Preparation for Marking.

    Friction Measuring by SKIDDOMETER to find low friction zones of the runway. Every runway must have friction measuring report depended to their daily landing number or annual landing mass. The other name of this test is Runway Calibration. OPAL will able you to have this report frequently by selling you the service. Also, you can hire or buy an ICAO certified device to do the service by yourself. We are an Authorized Sales, Aftersales, Guarantee and Calibration Representative of MOVENTOR, the producer of SKIDDOMETER. All verities of Skiddometer could supply by OPAL. Our services in this regarding are as below:

    • Runway calibration service, reporting, and planning.
    • Skiddometer annual maintanance and calibration.
    • Sale, training and after sale service.
  • Winter Operations - Snow Removal Equipment - FOD removal

    OPAL has durable Winter Operation Equipment designed and produced by itself. Besides of production we also are supplying worldwide products fully delivered or semi knocked production to the market. All products in this range that are produced by OEM parts:

    • Spreader
    • Liquid Sprayer
    • Snow plow
    • Snow Broom
    • FOD Sweeper
    • Vacuum Sweeper


    OPAL E Series is a Spreader can be used as Sand/Salt, CMA or Urea. The spreader can be mounted as an up-structure on Truck or put in a body. An ergonomic control unit mounted in driver cab can control all functions regarding driver command and inform them all required data of the machine, Urea, weather and Runway’s surface temperature. The control unit can adjust the spreader fits to ride speed read from truck or GPS. E-750 has two main option as the conveyor system. Belt conveyor and chain conveyor. The Spreader can make the Urea or Salt wet before spreading.

    Liquid Sprayer

    A truck mounted or temporary put in body sprayers do a liquid spreading up to 12m without folding arms. The liquid tanks can be chosen from 7000 to 13000 liter and all functions are controlled by in Cab Control Box.

    Runway Snow plow

    OPAL’s high reliable airport snow plows have all functions including tilt. The electrically driven power unit has a high performed hydraulic parts and powers all functions. As an optional feature, snow plows can be adjusted automatically the plowing weight according to driver command. This ability with the folding plow edges makes a safe plowing on Runway lights. Plowing weight automatically divided to wheels and edges.

    Runway Snow Broom

    OPAL Snow Broom can be from tractor towing snow brush to a full function and a combination of snow removal acts on a truck with a 6-meter snow plow on the front and a 6 meters wide and 36″ high-speed brush in middle and a high performed fan at the end point.

    FOD Sweeper

    OPAL supplies all range of FOD removal equipment from a none motorized FOD sweeper to fully equipped vacuum runway sweepers.

    FOD Sweeper is a towing special trailer with single, double or triple special rug that collects FODs by 30 km/h in up to 6 meters of wide.

  • Aircraft Handling Equipment

    OPAL is supplying and producing most of the aircraft handling equipment used in airports. Mostly supplying products:

    • Vacuum Sweeper.
    • Aircraft Anti/De-Icing.
    • Conveyor Belts.
    • Pre Conditioned Air.
    • Ground Power Supply.
    • Nitrogen Car / Carts.
    • Water / Toilet Cars.
    • Lift Cars.
    • Aircraft Washing.
  • Passenger Handling Equipment

    OPAL supplies Passenger and Baggage Handling new or used Equipment. Besides of representing some products we also have some equipment in production. Main product ranges are below:

    • Passenger Boarding Bridge
    • Apron Bus
    • Passenger Stair
    • Conveyor Baggage Loader
    • Ambolift
    • Baggage Trolley

Company News

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OPAL are specialist manufacturers of high-quality equipment for Highways, Municipals, and Airports. OPAL has a wide manufacturing capacity and also supply equipment and parts to the market from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. The offered …


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