Customized & High-Performance Steering Axles for Airport Vehicles & Trailers

Since 1897 at Paillard, we’ve been designing customised, truly high-performance axles whilst giving you the benefit of our standard sub-assemblies.

This allows you to focus on your core business and reinvest savings made on axles into new functionalities for customers.

We deliver steering axles to all major Ground Support Equipment manufacturers in Europe and we will be please to give you the benefit of our long international experience.

Designed to match your specifications for tractors or trailers for the Airport equipment, Sweepers, Handling, Mining, Construction and Industrial market segments.

Our design department will work with you on a high-performance axle solution without having to compromise on the vehicle’s functions and solving the usual problems you may encounter regarding

  • floating in steering
  • insufficient braking
  • uneven tyre wear
  • insufficient turning radius, etc.

If you are designing a vehicle or trailer, call us directly on +33 (0) 1 64 10 48 80


Company Profile

  • Steering Axles

    Steering axle or straight axles with or without brake, with or without suspensions

  • Motorized Axles

    Steering or straights axles with hydraulic motors

Company News

PAILLARD at inter airport Europe 2017, Munich, 10th - 13th October 2017, Outdoor Area, Stand B20

PAILLARD is one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing axles in Europe. Whole range of axles destinated to all kind of vehicles on GSE market. STOP MANUFACTURING AROUND THE AXLE - CONCENTRATE ON YOUR CORE BUSINESS …


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