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In the period of 13 years which has elapsed since the company was founded and relocated in 2008 in a new environment and a new and custom-made building, PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products has established a reputation with its customers as a reliable and competent partner in all matters connected with international airfreight operations.

In close cooperation with our customers we are working at all times on improvements and customization for our clients. This is to ensure that our clients always get the best product available on the aviation market.

Currently we focus our design and development activities on the manufacture of reasonably priced lightweight ULD, which will be a great benefit for both, the airline industry and our environment. All of us should feel responsible for the future of our planet.

PalNet designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of pallets and containers. Our manufacturing facilities are certified according to EASA Part 21, and design organisation according to EASA Part 21.606(a). PalNet are the only manufacturer worldwide having an EASA certification for composite PMC, PAG and PLA pallets. These pallets have a weight saving compared to standard pallets of nearly 40%.

Company employees frequently participate in international symposia, seminars and courses, ensuring that up-to-date specialist knowledge in all areas connected with ULD business is available to our partners at all times.

Company Profile

  • Product Information: Product A

    Standard Air Cargo Pallets for the transportation of cargo to its worldwide destinations.


    PalNet air cargo pallets are certified according to NAS 3610, Rev. 10 / J/TSO-C90c and are approved by JAA and FAA. PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products is an Approved Manufacturing Organisation, LBA-No. DE.21G.0151


    The PalNet air cargo pallets are consisting of a high resistant aluminium plate (alloy 7075-T6 or 7021-T6) and four edge rails (alloy 7020-T6) with a continuous seat track according to MS 33601 A. The four edge rails are forming a frame around the plate. The plate and the edge rails are connected by high tensile aluminium forged corners and stainless steel rivets around the perimeter of the edge rail frame. Due to the non-welded construction damaged edge rails are easy to replace.

    • Pallet Size         Part-Number         MGW              Tare weight    NAS 3610-Code
    • 96 x 125”                  25 M 03         15.000 lbs        101 kg / 223 lbs      2M3P
    • 88 x 125“                  25 A 04          15.000 lbs        93 kg / 205 lbs        2A6P
    • 88 x 108”                  25 B 05          13.000 lbs        80 kg / 176 lbs        2B5P
    • 53 x 88“                    25 E 06          2.667 lbs          43 kg / 95 lbs         2E3P
    • 60.4 x 61.5“              25 K 07          3.500 lbs          31 kg / 68 lbs         2K3P


  • Product Information: Product B

    All-aluminium heavy duty pallets for the transportation of heavy and bulky cargo to its worldwide destinations


    PalNet air cargo pallets are certified according to NAS 3610, Rev. 10 / J/TSO-C90c and are approved by EASA and FAA. PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products is an Approved Manufacturing Organisation, LBA-No. DE.21G.0151.


    The PalNet heavy duty pallets consist of a frame of strong edge rails along the perimeter of the pallet. Horizontally the edge rails have a continuous seat track, vertically the seat track is equipped with 3-g holes between the side lock blocks. The pallet core consists of 6 longitudinal double t-stringers as stiffeners which are connected to the pallet frame. Top and bottom sheet are riveted to the pallet frame and the stiffeners. The internal corners are of solid aluminium. The side slot blocks are vertically attached to the edge rails by bolts.

    Tare Weights:

    • 20ft. pallets:   545 kg / 1.202 lbs
    • 16ft. pallets:   454 kg / 1.001 lbs

    Technical details:

    • Sheet alloy:        7075-T6 resp. 7021 – T6
    • Thickness:          top: 4.5 mm /   0.177”
    •                            bottom:  4.5 mm / 0.177”
    • Extrusion alloy:   7020-T6
    • Fasteners:           steel blind rivets 6.4 mm
    • ID-Codes:           on PalNet inserts
    • JTSO markings:  on PalNet inserts


    • Pallet Size      P/N              MGW       NAS 3610-Code    Approval No.96 x 238.5“      25 G 01       30.000 lb        2G1P             EASA.21O.058

    96 x 196“         25 R 02       25.000 lb        2R1P              EASA.21O.018


  • Product Information: Product C

    LD-3 container for the transports of luggage and baggage in the lower deck of wide body aircraft


    The PalNet LD-3 container is certified under NAS 3610 Rev. 10 / ETSO C90c and is EASA approved under EASA.21O.546. PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products is an Approved Manufacturing Organisation, LBA DE.21G.0151, and holder of Alternate Procedures to Design Organisation Approval (AP to DOA) No. AP152.


    The PalNet LD-3 container is a non-welded unit with exchangeable panels which allows quick and easy assembly as parts are prefabricated. It also ensures a quick and easy exchange of parts and/or subassemblies. Connected by only a few number of huck-bolts the maintenance is no challenge.

    The base plate consists of high resistant aluminium alloy 7021-T6. The hollow edge rails of the base panel are made of alloy 7020-T6.

    The vinyl cover is fastened by stainless steel hooks and 3 Velcro straps. The standard colour of the cover is grey. However we can offer the colour to the customer request. PalNet offers the cover with one or two restraint bars as an alternative. The flexible door is equipped for customs sealing.


    • IATA Designator                    AKE
    • Design Specification             NAS 3610-2K2C
    • Part Number                         8136 0000
    • Tare Weight                          from 78 kg/172 lb
    • Base Size                             1,534 mm x 1,562 mm / 60.4” x 61.5”
    • Height                                   64” / 1,626 mm
    • Roof Length                          79” / 2,006 mm
    • Max. Gross Weight               1,588 kg/ 3,500 lb
    • AC Applications                    A300/A330/A340/A380/B747/B777/DC-10/MD-11


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