Self-service and Security Solutions Engaging Travelers and Transforming Physical Environments

Parabit is a trusted aviation industry partner with innovative airport self-service and security solutions deployed at 30+ airports internationally to engage travelers and transform physical environments.

We design and manufacture connected infrastructure solutions to enhance passenger experience, increase operational efficiency, improve airport security, and drive sustainable value.

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  • Commercial Device Charging Station Solutions

    Parabit commercial device charging stations range from seatback charging stations for optimal power distribution in a large seating area, to small power sticks that offer maximum utility with minimal footprint and ADA Compliant / PRM (Persons of reduced mobility) accessibility options available. Charging tablesstanchions and counters are great for waiting rooms and common areas in airports, hospitals, car service centers, bus terminals, train stations, colleges, universities and more. We rely on our mobile devices more than ever, so having a charging station or kiosk available when you need a quick charge to keep your cell phone from dying can make all the difference.

    • Highest grade materials and best in class components
    • Traditional and distributed power solutions
    • Fixed, portable or integrated configurations
    • Tamper proof outlets supporting all countries
    • Duplex, Type A and/or Type C USB receptacle options – in standard or quick disconnects
    • Qi wireless fast charge options
    • Illuminated and non-illuminated branding options provide option to offset maintenance and purchase costs with advertising revenue
  • Digital Enclosures and Interactive Signage Solutions

    Our interactive digital display software and kiosks give wayfinding, directory and local business assistance to improve customer experience at airports, bus terminals, train stations, malls and more. Digital signage options can display advertising, corporate information, branding and much more. Attach digital signage to your FIDS, BIDS or TIDS for additional revenue streams. Displays can have motion, static images, sound and internal or external feeds to let you show your customers the best you have to offer. These self-service tools can also reduce strain on human capital.

    • Advertising and branding options give you access to new revenue streams
    • Full antimicrobial protection
    • Displays integrate seamlessly with our digital signage software to offer a total interactive solution
    • Available for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Security Solutions

    Parabit Discreet Camera Enclosure options can mount directly to counter tops, turnstilesdoor mullionsbollards, and other surfaces. The security camera housing is camera agnostic, and provides quality facial imaging that supports biometrics, analytics, access control and more. Available in pinhole, slotted, midsize, and fisheye camera sensor options.

    Parabit custom security agency and information podiums give you flexible, mobile security solutions, and self-service kiosks streamline the check-in process. All options are available with antimicrobial protection. No matter the industry, keeping customers and staff safe and secure is a top priority.

    • Flexible camera enclosure mount options allow for ideal camera placement
    • Counter Mounts reduce note passing hold up robberies, and support analytics, biometrics, access control, and more.
    • Housing and enclosures accommodate all miniature cameras by any manufacturer
    • Agency and Information Podiums offer locking wheels for added mobility
    • FIS Podiums designed in collaboration with CBP, and meets Airport Technical Design Standards
  • Welcome Center Solutions

    Whether you need a simple welcome desk or information booth, or a complete interactive environment, our mobile and modular welcome centers improve customer experience wherever they are deployed. The information booths, digital signage, kiosks, telephones and charging options are built to be attractive and inviting, and give your customers a safe place to find information, charge your devices and relax. Digital advertising and eBrochure technology saves you time and money on printing materials, and brings you additional revenue streams. A good Welcome Center tells your customer that you care about their needs, but also fulfills the needs of your business.

    • Features emergency and courtesy calling for travelers without cellular service or who call directly from the directory
    • All welcome centers comply with local, current codes and standards such as ADA
    • Full-service solution: design, site surveys, installation, and more
    • Mobile and modular designs allow for flexibility and customization
    • Antimicrobial protection offered on all surfaces
  • Passenger Self-Service Check-In Kiosk Solutions 

    Parabit Passenger Self-Service Kiosks are designed to maximize flexibility, deliver an ergonomic customer experience, and provide efficient operational servicing. With a rich tradition of performance excellence in public deployments, hardware solutions are reliable, durable, and integrate with all software applications. Designed to provide a complete self-service check-in experience, it will validate identity, print a boarding pass and/or bag tag – also supports barcode scans, POS, ADA navigation, and more.

    • Cosmetic customization options to suit your specific needs
    • Reduce human capital requirements
    • Antimicrobial options and reduction in face-to-face interactions
    • Additional revenue stream option through advertisements


Seatback Charging Stations

Staying charged is more important now than ever. Provide flexible gate hold charging with Parabit’s Seatback Charging Stations that integrate with any seating model by any manufacturer, delivering power to every seat. These sleek, durable, and …

Charging Tables

Offer passengers a safe surface to relax and recharge. Charging tables are constructed with silver ion countertops and antimicrobial powder coating, delivering safety and a premier customer experience. Providing ample power access, charging tables offer duplex …

Power Stanchions & Poles

Solve the universal challenge of keeping mobile devices charged with sleek, durable, and reliable charging solutions. Power stanchions and poles are available for both indoor and outdoor use and offer branding surfaces to generate advertising …

Mobile and Modular Welcome Centers

Welcome Centers are high impact solutions to enhance customer experience and improve safety. They provide airport services and visitor information on local resources with opportunities to generate advertising and promotional revenue. Our digital, self-service software …

Flight Information Display Systems - FIDS

Provide customers with a hardware and software solution that delivers real-time updates on arrivals and departures. Enclosures are designed for easy installation on platforms, in gate holds and inside terminals. Multifunctional displays double as a …

Digital Enclosures and Interactive Signage

Parabit’s digital enclosures and interactive signage solutions are available for both indoor and outdoor use and are constructed of the highest grade, durable materials for quality reliable function. Displays integrate seamlessly with our digital signage …

Discreet Camera Enclosures

Discreet cameras and enclosures allow for facial image capture supporting edge analytics, KYC, AI and biometrics. Flexible installation options include ticket counters, gate podiums, facility entries & exits, and more. Doorway: covert capture of facial …

Self-Service Check-In Kiosks

Self-service kiosks speed up the check-in process, reducing long lines and wait times. Allowing multiple airlines and their passengers to utilize the same kiosk, existing space can be used more efficiently, increasing airport capacity.​ Kiosks improve …

FIS Podiums

Parabit’s state-of-the-art FIS podiums designed in collaboration with CBP Biometric Strategic Transformation, maximize floor space and improve people flow. The form factor design intuitively encourages engagement with biometrics and supports future upgrades to a touchless …

Information and Service Podiums

Parabit podiums are designed to enhance customer experience, increase operational efficiency and improve airport security. Stock and custom options provide convenient, centralized locations for travellers to receive information and services. Fixed, mobile and modular solutions …

Company News

WayFinding: Optimizing Navigation, Enhancing Customer Experience

– Wayfinding refers to information systems used to guide people to a particular place, helping navigate and providing an understanding of the physical environment around them. In order to have a successful WayFinding system you need …


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