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Paragon ID is a leader in identification solutions, in particular in the e-ID, Transport & Smart Cities, Traceability & Brand Protection and Payment sectors.

Operating from manufacturing sites in Europe and the US, we provide a wide range of solutions including labels and tags, smart cards and software to worldwide clients in diverse markets including the aviation sector.

As an IATA strategic partner and with many years of experience working with airlines, airports and other transportation companies, Paragon ID offers a wide range of solutions which improve the passenger experience.

Over the last few years, we have heavily invested in our RFID capabilities to become one of the largest RFID inlay and tag manufacturers in Europe. In UHF, we have developed tailored solutions to fit our clients’ changing requirements in particular in asset tracking, operational maintenance, supply chain management and more recently luggage tracking. We are a member of RAIN RFID.

With our expertise in RFID, our manufacturing capabilities and our experience in the aviation sector, we are ideally placed to support airlines and airports in the implementation of resolution 753 and 1740C.

Paragon ID is your ideal partner for RFID tracking solutions, bag tagging and ticketing solutions.

Specific products and services to the aviation sector include:

  • RFID trolley tracking
  • Baggage/luggage tags with and without RFID
  • Boarding passes
  • Car park ticketing

We also offer proven smart card solutions for access control.

Company Profile

  • RFID Baggage Tags

    In June 18, IATA voted to develop a standard within one year for using RFID to track bags with the objective to roll out the technology globally in 2020.

    RFID has been selected over other tracking solutions based on the reliability, maturity, widespread availability and cost of the technology. It is estimated that RFID could reduce the number of mishandled bags by up to 25% by 2022 and save an estimated $3 bn over the next 7 years.

    A IATA strategic partner, Paragon ID is actively involved in the RFID sub-group within the Baggage Working Group. The company is also a member of RAIN RFID.

    Combining its expertise in RFID tags, with the technological know-how in the design of inlays and the industrial processes for label manufacture at their site in France, Paragon ID has specifically designed an RFID luggage tag that ensures the optimal performance in the aviation sector. Special incisions also guarantee the label’s destruction after use or in case of attempted fraud.

    Paragon ID has been chosen by Air France to support their transition towards RFID baggage tags for the next 3 years. 

    With its expertise in RFID, its label manufacturing capabilities and experience in the aviation sector, Paragon ID is ideally placed to support airlines and airports in the implementation of resolution 753 and 1740C.

  • Luggage Trolley Tracking

    The availability of luggage trolleys at airports can have a substantial impact on the customer experience.

    Paragon ID’s RFID Discovery Trolley Tracking System uses radio frequency identification technology to improve the management of airport luggage trolleys. By monitoring the build-up, dispersal, and flow of trolleys around the airport it provides a live view of trolley availability and real-time alerts of trolley shortages.

    This low-cost, high impact solution supports the Trolley Management Team, by highlighting areas where trolleys are left, facilitating efficient retrieval or redistribution. The system also delivers valuable usage data for demand forecasting.

    In addition, individually identifying trolleys enables organisations to build a history of utilisation including the number of trips or approximate distance travelled and detect any under or over usage of particular carts. It also helps determine whether there are too many trolleys and if the pool size can be reduced.

  • Car Park Ticketing

    Paragon ID is the UK’s leading manufacturer of OEM approved, machine issued parking tickets supplying most major UK airports including Heathrow, Stanstead, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester plus airports in Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Israel.

    In addition, we supply the majority of UK councils and boroughs as well as major car park management companies including NCP, Apcoa and Euro Car Parks with both tickets and stationery.

    Our ticketing solutions offer full stock management and a personalised online catalogue facility. Tickets can be ordered from stock, or you can design your own, to incorporate your own bespoke brand design. We can also supply a full range of parking-enforcement stationery.

    Our RFID solutions enable you to manage permit parking easily. Permit holders are happier as more space becomes available through improved enforcement and fact-based planning.

Company News

Paragon ID secures ARC Quality Certification

Paragon ID achieves the significant milestone of ARC Quality Certification by the industry-wide recognized Auburn University RFID Lab. Paragon ID is pleased to announce that it has secured the prestigious ARC Quality Certification for the design, …

Paragon ID teams up with Apitrak to provide “multi-technology” location tracking IoT platform

Paragon ID has partnered with geolocation specialist Apitrak to develop a “multi-technology” cloud-hosted IoT platform for the tracking of assets, inventory and people. The new platform is based on the existing skills of the two partners …


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