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Airside Safety Products

Parkinson Richmark Limited has specialised in the design and manufacture of Airside Safety Products for Commercial and Military airports for over 32 years.  Clients include all sizes of European and Middle Eastern Airports, Airlines, Authorities, Handlers and Military users – Richmark products are specified world-wide.

Key products include:

  • Richmark Linlaner – Retroreflective Markers for centrelines, taxiways, runways, aprons and works areas,
  • Richmark Tribox and Richmark Lindpet Barrier Systems,
  • Richmark Gripchock – Rubber Wheelchocks
  • Marshalling Equipment, HiVis Clothing,
  • Windsocks and Masts

As appropriate, each Richmark product meets ICAO, FAA and individual country CAA recommendations as well as  NATO and other Military specifications.  Richmark has dedicated rotational moulding facilities in the UK, producing Richmark products alongside specialist items for other industries.

Company Profile

  • Richmark Linlaner

    Richmark Linlaners and Retroreflective Sheaths are used at both commercial and Military Airports for delineation of taxiway edges, runway lighting (supplementary) marking, distance to go, snow marking, apron routes, stand boundaries, hover taxiways, ILS boundaries, aircraft parking areas, designated routes, defining work areas and bad ground.
    Linlaner cannot replace night runway lighting on an airfield, but once the aircraft is on the ground, taxiway routing by Linlaner, complete with Retroreflective Sheath, has the advantage of eliminating ‘a sea of blue lights’ often complained about by pilots – Retroreflective markers are seen at night when in the lights of the Aircraft for up to 3000 metres ahead.
    Richmark Linlaner – available in two sizes in three colours, with five colours of retroreflective sheaths in two sizes, along with a larger (diameter and height) version, the Jumbo Linlaner.   Cost is approximately 1% that of lighting with no maintenance costs.

  • Richmark Tribox and Richmark Lindpet Barrier Systems

    Richmark Tribox is visible from every angle and a great marker all around the airfield. Each unit can lock to its neighbour and be used singly or in groups depending on application. Sand or water can be used (with caution) to further enhance stability.

    Richmark Lindpet
    – a versatile pad and bar system with low profile to pass under an aircraft propeller or jet engine pod, providing clear marking in front line situations. Contrasting Retroreflective sheaths give excellent visibility on both bar and pad for day and night time marking. A combination of 3 pads and 1 bar weighs approximately 10Kgs and is very stable and available with weighting and anchor points. Used as single pads or with the bar, Richmark Lindpet achieves solutions for a wide variety of needs on the airfield.

    Tribox and Lindpet are moulded in strong, non-rust, medium density Polyethylene in standard airfield colours and other colours on request.

  • Richmark Gripchocks

    Richmark Rubber Gripchocks are available in four heights and variable lengths, to suit all types of Aircraft. Each chock is constructed in segments with standard, plain black rubber available with a coloured handling rope. Additional colour inserts including yellow are manufactured to order. Customers name or logo can be moulded onto the end of each chock at an additional cost. A maximum of 22 letters, numerals or spaces can be accommodated on the name plate.

    Richmark Gripchocks are manufactured in natural rubber, and are both Skydrol and kerosene resistant.

    Also available are smaller chocks in either rubber or plastic, for General Aviation use. These are not recommended where the height of the wheel of the aircraft is more than 12″.

  • Marshalling & HiVis Clothing

    High Powered LED Battery Operated Marshalling Wand for use in Airports and Traffic Management. This product is normally sold in pairs (2) and includes 4 AA (Alkaline) Batteries per Wand, the power source has a long life and is very bright.

    Richmark Marbats are manufactured in virtually indestructible medium density Polythene. The handle is covered with a non-slip gripping surface.

    This product is for daytime use at Airports but is also suitable for accident marshalling by police, daytime car park marshalling at football grounds, race courses, vehicles on rail and pre shipping car and lorry parking areas where vehicle control is required.

    The Richmark Marbat has been designed so that clients can add weights in the handle and/or in the main body of the bat to suit their own preference. The handle is ‘overlong’ to particularly suit the requirements of Airport Marshallers.


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