Airport Planning and Design

For more than 40 years Parsons has been serving the aviation community. Today, as then, we apply our experience and the lessons of our past to the day’s new challenges. Teaming with Parsons gives airports control of their programs. From planning through completion on a diverse array of technical and management services, Parsons delivers the right solution. On every project, we consistently achieve three goals: (1) build facilities that meet the operational needs of the airport, (2) build them on schedule, and (3) build them within budget. Parsons customizes our approach to specific airport needs and minimizes impacts on existing airport operations. Parsons provides innovative solutions, whether an airport is designing a new facility from the ground up or needs to apply the latest technologies to remedy problems and upgrade facilities.

Company Profile

  • Construction Management

    Parsons is the United States’ leading construction management firm—ranked No.1 by trade magazine Engineering News Record for four of the last eight years. If you have recently landed at an airport, chances are you’ve experienced a quality facility built or improved by Parsons.

    During the past five decades, the firm has worked on airport programs worth more than $150 billion. More than 90% of these programs were built at operating airports; maintaining an airport’s operational capacity is the hallmark of Parsons’ construction management philosophy. We never forget that we are constructing at an operating airport facility, not landing planes on a construction site.

    Parsons ensures safety, quality, biddability, constructability, and optimal phasing and sequencing—in short, maximum value with minimal impact on airport operations.


  • Operational Services

    Baggage Handling Systems

    Parsons offers In-line Explosion Detection Systems (EDS) baggage screening as well as comprehensive Baggage Handling Systems (BHS). Since December 2002, airports and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS / TSA) have had to provide 100% bag screening in lobbies and other areas where movement of bags and passengers are impeded and awkward. Parsons works with clients to take this function from the lobby / passenger areas and relocate it to a more efficient area, like the bag room.

    Parsons builds a team that best serves each customer’s BHS needs. Some tasks provided include subcontractor coordination, layout of the baggage system, coordination with stakeholders and the DHS / TSA, systems integration and simulation. Our goal is to give each of our clients a single-source solution for critical BHS security requirements.

  • Airport Planning, Design, and Design Management Services

    Parsons’ Aviation Division provides comprehensive professional, strategic, technical, and management solutions and services to government agencies, airport authorities, airlines, and other private industries worldwide. With a multi-disciplinary resource of over 9,000 professionals operating in 46 states and 37 foreign countries, Parsons is recognized as a leading provider of innovative, total solutions for more than 400 airports throughout the world. Parsons can help clients turn ideas into reality, from initial planning through construction and activation.


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