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3M™ Peltor™ is a world leader in the field of communication equipment. Over 50 years of developing and manufacturing hearing protectors has put us at the forefront of safety, comfort and aesthetics. The company was started by Thore Palmaer in 1950 and has been successful ever since. Peltor was created in a spirit of inventiveness and entrepreneurship and this spirit is still very much present in the organisation.

Many of our innovations are a direct result of our ability to listen to our users. Their experience and our expertise make an unbeatable combination in the endeavour to create secure, stimulating working environments.

As a part of the international 3M corporation, Peltor has access to the best resources in research and development. Our customers are professionals in industries such as manufacturing, the military, aviation, forestry, agriculture and motor sports. The challenge is to offer complete solutions that pay attention to the unique needs and working situation of each individual.

By focusing on function and design, we create advanced, comfortable communication solutions that are attractive to use. Our products aim not only to protect, but also to facilitate communication between people in a workplace. Peltor is the sound solution for discerning professionals.

Aviation & Airports
When the ground is 32,000 feet below you or you push an A380 with a weight of 560 tonnes, you can’t afford to have anything go wrong. Perfect communication, convenient design, low weight and maximum comfort are essential requirements of a headset in a noisy aviation environment, in the air and on the ground.

Company Profile

  • Pilot Headsets

    3M™ Peltor™ Pilot headsets have no protruding features which can snag. All contacts are encased and reinforced at bending points.

    The low profile of the headband ensures that the headset sits firmly on the head and minimizes the risk of bumping against obstacles.

    The parallel connector means that each earphone works separately, so that if one fails, the other works as usual. The microphone arm features a securely encased cord.

    The small, sturdy design with four positions gives even more effective communication with its increased flexibility.

  • 3M™ Peltor™ Ground Mechanic WS

    Peltor™Ground Mechanic Wireless Solutions™ headset features Bluetooth technology, so users never have to worry about cords and wires. Everything works wirelessly, with a range of about 10 metres around the WS adapter.

    Once the headset and adapter have been paired, the user only needs to switch the units on and they automatically connect.

    A simple press of a button on the cup, or on an external PTT button, lets the user communicate directly with the cockpit in full duplex. Volume is easy to adjust with a plus/minus button on the side of the shell.

    The headset provides ettective noise attenuation even when the sound level is very high. This is important, and not just to protect your hearing. It also ensures clear, reliable communication in environments with extremely loud noise. The microphone has effective noise compensation, whitch prevents ambient noise from disturbing communications.

    Available as standard headset as well as with level dependent function.

    3M™ Peltor™ WS Adapter

    Two simple buttons let you turn the unit on and off and synchronise between the adapter and headset. Once the units are synchronised, you have a wireless connection between the adapter and your Peltor WS Headset.

    Two 1.5 V AA batteries, or Peltor special accumulator battery, ensure long, reli- able operation.

    The Bluetooth® wordmark and logotype are the property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and all use of them is subject to licensing agreements.


  • Peltor™ Ground Mechanics Hi-Viz Twin Cup Headset

    The unique design, with double shells, gives maximum protection against loud noises, even at low frequencies.

    The earphones provide superb sound reproduction, even in extremely noisy environments. The headset has an electret microphone with extremely good ambient noise compensation and a built-in microphone amplifier.

    • Quick Positioning integrated microphone boom for easy handling
    • Soft, wide foam and fluid-filled sealing rings and individually sprung headbandwires of stainless sprung steel provide an even and consistent distribution ofpressure around the ears for best possible comfort
    • Standard J11 connection (Nexus TP-120)

    3M™ Peltor™ Ground Mechanic Adapters

    Adapters FL5000

    Adapter built into a functional, watertight, sturdy shell with no protruding parts, designed to fit the size and shape of a hand. Sturdy clamp that can be twisted 360° for easy attachment in all situations. The PTT button is logically placed and specially designed to be easy to use even with heavy gloves.Connector cables are available for the most common communication radios and telephone systems on the market. Sealed to IP65.


  • 3M™ Peltor™ Tactical XP Ground Mechanic

    • High Viz green
    • Improves communication and safety
    • Level dependent function that lets you hear ambient sound, conversation, machine sounds and warning signals
    • Ghost voice guided menu system
    • Equipped with the following functions: volume for the level dependent function, balance, adjustable release time, equalizer, volume for external input and input mode
    • Plenty of space for the ear
    • Last setting is stored when switched off
    • Automatic shut-off after two hours if no function is used
    • Warning signal when power is low, before shut-off

    3M™ Peltor™ Twin Cup Headset Hummingbird

    3M™ Peltor™ Twin Cup Hummingbird Headset is designed for connection to
    low impedance helicopter intercom systems. It has leather covered headband and individually sprung headband wires of stainless steel to provide best comfort and durability. Cable is coiled polyurethane with ”European NATO” connected moulded plug.

    • Highly attenuating headset for use in extremely noisy environments.
    • Microphone with efficient noise compensation for clear and reliable communication.
    • All cables exit at the top of the cups to prevent snagging and allow for easy connection to an overhead intercom.
    • The coiled cable has extra length to enable it to be connected to a console mounted intercom.
    • Design for low impedance intercom system of a helicopter.

Company News

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