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Body-Worn Video Cameras for Transport Police, Civil Security, Enforcement & Lone Workers

Protecting the Professional – Body worn video cameras are set to transform the face of 21st century policing. This has significant implications for adjacent transport security and enforcement sectors. Body-mounted video technology is proven to act effectively and cost-efficiently as both a behavioural deterrent and admissible evidence-capture tool.

Leading UK Manufacturer – Pinnacle Response Ltd are a leading UK body camera hardware manufacturer. We have specialised in body-worn camera products since 2007. Our cameras are favoured by a number of UK police forces and district councils. We have an extensive client base that straddles a broad range of civil and private security and enforcement agencies.

Tested and Measured – Studies have indicated that the use of body cameras can deter crime, encourage compliance, reduce complaints and improve conviction rates. The technology has been proven to save time and money throughout the judicial process by providing incontrovertible evidence using localised high definition audio and video capture. Our hardware protects and supports the airport and airline industry professional; as a deterrent in the first instance, thereafter a reporting then evidential tool. Our PR5 body-worn camera is the most intuitive body camera unit on the market.

Company Profile

  • Airport Body Cameras

    Body cameras reduce use of force incidents and complaints against enforcement officers.

    Body cameras proven to de-escalate hostile encounters.
    The Rialto police force in California recently published results from a 12 month study of the use of body cameras and their impact on confrontations with the public. They reported a 59% drop in use of force incidents and an 89% reduction in complaints against the police. These findings are corroborated by similar studies in the UK and offer significant implications for airport security, personnel at the public interface and lone workers.

    Modified behaviour and evidentially critical material.
    The Rialto study extrapolates that knowledge of being watched (and by extension recorded) increases self-awareness. Self-awareness prompts compliant or prosocial behaviour. In short, evidence capture is just one benefit of deploying body cameras on security and enforcement personnel. The technology is perhaps most effective at deescalating hostile situations on the frontline by encouraging cooperative conduct.


  • The PR5 Body-Worn Camera:

    A Security and Enforcement Industry Leader

    Superior specifications.
    The PR5 is the most intuitive body camera on the global market. UK-based Pinnacle Response Ltd designed, manufacture and exclusively distribute the PR5. The camera build and functionality draws on many years of experience as suppliers to security, transport and policing sectors. It has evolved in direct response to the operational needs of the professionals we work with.

    Activated by a single swipe of the shutter.
    The specifications of the PR5 are demonstrably superior to any other wearable security camera on the market. Our body-mounted unit offers significant advantages in terms of build, ease of use, recording capacity and capture quality.

    • Over five hours recording time
    • Enhanced low-light capability
    • Crystal-clear, optimised sound quality
    • 720p HD recording at 30 fps
    • Widescreen 120 degree angle lens
    • Wire and button-free, self-contained unit
    • Tamperproof internal 16GB card & battery
    • IP45 water-resistant, ruggedised finish
    • Size: 92mm x 58mm x 30mm
    • Weight: 120g
    • Ships with interchangeable spring clips and police docks
    • No screen to distract user or antagonise subject
    • Minimal training required
    • Simple file transfer via USB
  • Pinnacle Response® are body-worn camera industry leader

    Industry authority.

    Pinnacle Response Ltd is a modern, client-facing UK manufacturer with a proven track record as trusted suppliers within policing and adjacent security sectors. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and channelling their feedback and changing needs directly back into our research and development activities. We keep a close eye on legislation and industry-specific guidelines from the Home Office and other relevant bodies.

    Our customer service and industry knowledge is unparalleled. We put technical support and client satisfaction front and centre. As well as hardware leaders we are a respected industry authority and have led the development of body-worn camera technology from the front since 2007.

    Customers and body camera hardware trial.
    Pinnacle have vast experience across both public and private security, surveillance and enforcement sectors. Our sales team would be pleased to discuss potential procurement opportunities and are able to offer your company a no-obligation trial of a PR5 body-worn camera unit.

  • Body-worn camera technology benefits in summary

    • Protection; supports the lone worker or enforcement officer, promotes confidence and provides a tangible backup in confrontational situations.
    • Deterrent; encourages compliance and prosocial behaviour through self-awareness and cognisance of implicit consequences.
    • Deescalates; verbal articulation that recording has commenced often prompts modified behaviour by both parties and the deescalation of a situation.
    • Safety; reduces verbal and physical attacks on workers.
    • Transparency; contributes to the drive for transparency and accountability at the public interface.
    • Accuracy; provides verifiable on-scene audio/video reporting of a scene including environment, time-stamp, verbal exchanges, sequence of events and valuable first-account witness statements.
    • Time-saving; minimises paperwork and lengthy descriptive reports.
    • Evidentially admissible; footage from body-worn video devices is admissible in court.
    • Increases prosecutions and early guilty pleas; speeds up the judicial process.
    • Reduces complaints; members of the public are less likely to make spurious complaints against workers.
    • Reduces absenteeism; all the above improve worker safety, working conditions and promotes positive mental well-being in vulnerable staff.
    • Saves time and money; all the benefits of body-worn video coalesce into efficient workflow and cost-saving.


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