Airport GSE & TERMINAL Equipment

Ground Support Equipments & Terminal Equipments for the Aircraft Industry – Cool Dollies, Electric Tractors, Container Dollies, Baggage Dollies, Pallet dollies, Racks, Baggage trolleys, Conveyors, Tractors, Stepladders, Lightings

PINON-AEROTEC is a subsidiary of PINON founded in 1904 in France.

The company began by manufacturing industrial trailers for all industries and in the sixties diversified into Ground Support Equipment for the aircraft industry.

For over 55 years, PINON has grown to a position of market leader through emphasis on engineering and quality manufacturing.

PINON markets its products worldwide. This long GSE experience (more than 100 airlines, 100 handling companies, regional and international airports worldwide) makes PINON a leading manufacturer as well as the reference in terms of knowledge, quality, security and safety for the operators.

The subsidiary, PINON-AEROTEC, develops various new products, with high technical added value.

Our main products:

  • Refrigerated Dollies (Cool Dollies)
  • Electric Baggage Tractors
  • Electric Cargo Tractors
  • Baggage Conveyors (towable and self propelled)
  • Slave Pallets
  • X-Ray Pallet Inspection
  • Passenger Airport Baggage Trolleys, baggage carts.
  • Stepladders
  • Lavatory and Water Service Units (Towable and Self Propelled)
  • Storage racks
  • Airport Lighting
  • All Spare Parts

PINON-AEROTEC can also distribute all products of PINON :

  • Pallet dollies
  • Container dollies
  • Baggage dollies

Please feel free to contact us for all technical details. Specific products can be developed to meet your own requirements.

Company Profile

  • GSE - Pallet / Container / Baggage Dollies


    Pallet dollies are the core business for PINON airport product lines. We provide side transfer as well as end transfer dollies and we are able to produce various sizes: 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet or even 40 feet pallet dollies. Our state of the art design is well known in Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East.


    PINON was a part of the design and standardization of the first container dollies made many decades ago. Today our dollies meet all safety regulations and international standards. Our dollies are designed to be easy to use and reliable for many years with minimal maintenance.


    PINON designs and produces a large product line of baggage carts. Each one can be custom designed to fulfil all customer expectations. Our engineers are at your disposal for all projects.

    And a complete new range of GSE products developed with worldwide partners.

    Please contact us for all technical details.

  • Electric Tractors

    PINON-AEROTEC has developped specific electric tractors with various capabilities, from 7 to 25 Tons.

    Tow tractor for Handling on Tracks and Warehouses

    • Different models: powerful, versatile and economic tow tractor for pulling trailers up to 25 Tons.
    • From 6kW to 20Kw AC Motor: ensures even the most powerful truck in this range and optimum efficiency in all conditions.
    • Provide optimum traction at all times, even in industrial floors or outdoor areas
    • Allows effortless driving with either hand, safely and ergonomically.
    • The Control System, automatically reduce speed when cornering, to keep always driving in safe conditions
    All models developed by PINON and SEPRA AUTOMISATION, companies of Itecos Group
  • Baggage Trolleys

    PINON has designed a complete range of baggage trolleys: aluminum or stainless-steel, with our usual high quality requirements.

    We are also able to develop specific designs to make the products compatible with your current models.

    Technical details and options:

    • 1 or 2 front wheels
    • Loading capacity: 200kg to 250kg
    • Basket for hand luggage
    • Automatic brake
    • Metal coin lock
    • Personalized plate for advertisement


    • Zinc varnished
    • Chrome plating
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminum
  • Cool Dollies

    PINON has develop various cool dollies, with high quality components.

    Specific dimensions can be designed, metal springs or air suspensions can be fitted.

    In april 2019, our 100th cool dolly was manufactured


  • Airport Lighting

    In complement to airport dollies and other new GSE products, PINON has developed during 10 years a full range of airport lighting including standard lamps, LED lamps and base cans.

    We also develop special parts based on your specific technical requests.

    We have in our standard products 3 diameters of cans:

    8″ and 12″ in aluminum

    16″ steel welded

    All type of adaptaters are available for your lamps.

    Our main customers in France are International Airports (Paris Charles de Gaulle, Orly) and many regional airports.

    Click here to view our Airport Lighting brochure.


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