Point FWD

Aviation Security, Data Driven Consulting and Technology Advisory

We help our clients by observing, measuring, analysing and, fully understanding their needs and the field we work in. 

Point FWD was founded in 2011 by Gunther van Adrichem, after serving 10 years as R&D manager for security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It has since then grown into a diverse company with a tight-knit core; the seasoned consultancy team consists of aviation enthusiasts and technology geeks.

We believe in the power of data; real-life and valuable data

For aviation security, our belief is that data-driven decision making should be preferred over gut feeling decisions. Major investments in, for example, security equipment should be based on modelling, math and knowledge. The consultancy we provide our clients is always based on a combination of in-depth knowledge and extensive data analyses.

We’re consultants with an A-Team mentality

Point FWD was founded from an intrinsic motivation to help clients move forward, by solving their issues or obstacles. We’re not focused on “burning hours”, we focus on quality and getting the job done. Like ‘The A-Team’ we love it when a plan comes together.

Point FWD is linked to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, this partnership sees a yearly input of intern and graduating students. The graduation theses are aviation security focussed and generate insight and valued fresh views on current topics.

‘aviation security, your challenge is our passion’

Company Profile

  • Research

    Our independent position within the aviation security industry combined with experience and knowledge enables a helicopter view of the market

  • Operational consulting

    Through our proprietary data handling suite and broad experience we’re extremely capable of assisting in improving existing security processes

  • Design consulting

    Following a pre-determined approach of data substantiated decision making will ensure a functional design that meets your actual requirements

  • Innovation and products

    Our never-ending interest in new and innovative technology helps us guide our clients to remain future-proof and ready for change

  • Project management

    Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the aviation security eco-system has made us the preferred project management team for various equipment manufacturers

  • Service and support

    Succesful implementation of new equipment is dependent on the level of service and support following installation. We’ve got a dedicated team in place to help you implement service and support effortlessly


Aviation Security Consultancy

We are Point FWD, a Schiphol-based, specialized aviation security consultancy company. Since the start in 2011 we have been assisting our partners with security equipment development, process optimization and technology implementation projects. Our belief is that …

Company News

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Security checkpoint implementation guidance

Security checkpoint implementation guidance Providing you the answer to questions like: What is the impact of the various EDS CB standards on my security process? And how to make choices for procuring equipment? How can I best integrate …

EDS CB Way-finder by Point FWD on display at PTE 2019

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Successfully implementing EDS CB

By overcoming the burdensome challenges in EDS CB machine selection, checkpoint process re-design and implementation approach. Soon, Explosives Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage (EDS CB) will become the new standard in screening cabin baggage on EU …


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