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Pollite provides a full range of frangible masts and poles to support visual and non-visual aids near airport runways, taxiways and aprons. All of our masts are designed specifically to comply with the latest ICAO and FAA requirements on frangibility, deflection and strength.

The full compliance of our masts has been certified by an independently recognised FAA and ICAO aviation testing house. All of our products are regularly assessed and our processes audited to ensure our continued compliance with ICAO and FAA requirements.

The Pollite mast remains unique in its composition. A fibreglass mast with a UV resistant gel coat finish ensures weight is kept to a minimum and the surface finish remains durable and resistant to pollution, salts and other corrosive elements. The mast’s composition and design ensure it can withstand all extremes of weather without compromising it’s frangibility and operational requirements. Recently completed tests further confirm Pollite’s compliance with the solar radiation and salt spray requirements of the FAA.

All Pollite frangible masts are made in-house by our experienced team of manufacturers and engineers. Pollite is committed to offering the highest quality product and where necessary, providing flexibility to meet a client’s specific requirements

Company Profile

  • Frangible Approach Poles

    All Pollite approach masts are manufactured from glassfibre and polyester resin, finished with a UV-resistant gel coat. Each pole has a unique break system incorporated within the mast and is coloured to a standard aviation yellow (alternative colours are available). Supporting cross arms are also made from fibreglass to enhance the poles frangibility and reduce the overall weight.

    All Pollite masts come complete with a unique hinged foot, which once correctly installed ensures no future re-alignment is required when raising and lowering the mast for servicing the lighting system. Complete foundation and installation details are provided with all masts.

    Masts can be cut to the specific height required and additional height adjustment can be made on site. Above 12 metres our frangible approach masts are typically supplied with a tabernacle fixing for easy raising and lowering of the mast.

  • Frangible Windsock Poles

    All Pollite windsock masts for airfield use are manufactured in a similar way to our approach masts. Each mast has a unique break system incorporated within the main mast and is coloured to client specifications.

    The windsock is attached to the mast by means of a rigid stainless-steel mounting frame (similar in shape to a drum) which can freely rotate around the mast giving a clear indication of wind direction particularly in lighter wind conditions.

    For aerodromes that are used at night, our standard lighting system for windsock masts has been engineered to provide the correct level of illumination as recommended by CAP 168, without causing unwanted glare. Both standard and LED internal or external lighting is available.

    All Pollite windsock masts come complete with a unique hinged foot which allows for easier raising and lowering of the mast for servicing the lighting or windsock. Complete foundation and installation details are also provided.

    All windsocks are manufactured in-house to meet ICAO and CAA requirements for size, material and colour. Client-specific colours can be provided and all colours used are designed to give maximum contrast with their background.

  • Anemometer Masts

    Pollite masts are available for mounting weather-measuring devices such as anemometers, antennae and other indicators around the airfield where frangibility is a necessity.

    Designed for ease of operation and coloured accordingly, all masts can be custom designed to suit a specific requirement whilst fulfilling ICAO frangibility requirements. Masts can also be designed to include lightning protection within the frangibility criteria.

  • Advantages of a Pollite Glassfibre Mast Include:

    1. Maintenance-free mast
    2. UV-resistant gel coat finish
    3. Corrosion-free
    4. Temperature/weather resistant
    5. No electromagnetic interference
    6. Hollow construction means the wires can be protected and hidden from the elements and wildlife


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