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Airport AC and DC GPUs, 400Hz Convertors, Electrical Support Systems and Power Supplies

Powervamp Ltd is recognized as the leading manufacturer of GSE with its range of AC and DC GPUs, 400Hz convertors, electrical support systems and power supplies.

Recognised worldwide for quality and the reliability of its aviation products, Powervamp has always responded to the changing needs of the aviation industry with new designs and innovative solutions in ground power and GSE accessories.

Helped by a worldwide distributor network, aircraft operators in more than 60 countries now rely on Powervamp products. With our strategic acquisition of Effekta UK Ltd – manufacturers of our solid state 400Hz aircraft converters and specialised electrical systems – we produce a comprehensive range of fixed and portable AC and DC GPUs and specialised electrical systems at two modern manufacturing plants in the UK.

Company Profile

  • Powervamp PV90 Fixed Electrical Ground Power Unit

    Powervamp converters stand alongside those of the world’s leading manufacturers in quality and performance, with a superb reputation when it comes to product reliability, support and service. Unlike converters derived from 50/60Hz systems, Powervamp units are designed from conception to operate continuously at the demanding 400Hz frequency.

    Powervamp converter reliability starts with Powervamp’s software design team and full in-house manufacturing with intensive quality control – from initial design to finished product. The full range of converters, from 30 to 90kVA, is supported worldwide by the company’s Technical Services Department and team of skilled graduate engineers, covering technical issues from power requirement and architects’ drawings to installation and service contracts.

    Housed in IP65 cabinets as standard, Powervamp converters use forced airflow with oversized heat sinking to maintain a stable temperature of the power electronics, crucial to the maintaining of continuous output at maximum load. Integral input and output EMC filters guarantee minimum distortion from the mains supply. Top wave form quality ensures compliance with the tight sine wave demands of modern aircraft.

    Where operators require both AC and DC power, Powervamp offers a separate stand-alone module which gives operators the flexibility to move the DC unit to different aircraft stands. For hangar installation, an integral unit is available.


  • MABS - Airport Monitoring And Billing System

    Already either in use by, or raising huge interest at, major international airports, Powervamp’s new ‘MABS’ interface package brings the real-time interfacing of solid state frequency converters and power usage to airport logistics software allowing the billing of ground power by time and kilowatt. Although developed for Powervamp’s own converters, the system is designed to be adapted to other makes of converter.

    Building on its international reputation for single source solutions as part of its growing market in 400Hz and 28 volt DC ground power, Powervamp developed its converter software interface package for its converters. ‘MABS’, an acronym for ‘monitoring and billing system’, is designed for airports and ramp service providers under increasing pressure to maximise revenue and accurately apportion costs against each airline and aircraft using fixed electrical ground power (FEGP).

    MABS enables airports to generate revenue based on the aircraft connection time to Powervamp’s 400Hz converters.

    This can be attractive where airport operators seek to recover the cost of their capital investment in FEGP. For the airline and airport operator it records accurately the on/off ground power connection.

    While other companies have attempted to produce a similar system to Powervamp’s MABS, key to the success of the Powervamp system is its simplicity which is critical for accuracy and reliability.

    Any ramp input data function is time consuming and proven to be prone to input error thus invalidating the data and creating subsequent billing issues. Powervamp’s MABS operates seamlessly in the background, monitoring the usage of the FEGP and reconciling the data with an airport’s logistics software, such as the popular ‘Manageair’ system. Powervamp’s MABS system connects The FEGP with the airport IT network via an ethernet connection, eliminating the need for installation of a proprietary network.

    Up to 255 individual FEGPs can be connected in a single system. The monitoring software is installed on a server within the terminal building which stores the usage data in an SQL database in a format reconciled with the airport logistics software. Powervamp would normally liaise directly with the logistics software provider.

    In addition to the normal billing data, Powervamp’s MABS incorporates an automatic error reporting facility, instantly alerting the reporting centre should a specific FEGP unit develop a fault, thereby ensuring aircraft can be diverted to a serviceable stand on arrival.


  • 28 VDC TRU Mobile and Static Option

    The Powervamp TRU600/2000 is an advanced transformer rectifier unit delivering 28.5V at 600A continuous and 2000A peak for engine starting. Regulation is achieved using additional thyristor control BEFORE the transformer, to achieve a clean output with less ripple than traditional TRUs. The TRU600/2000 is capable of worldwide operation as standard from the factory.

    The TRU600/2000 is supplied in the same compact frame as the DC power carts, making the unit highly manouverable. Controls are mounted at the rear of the unit, protected by a sturdy bumper. Side panels are replaceable and an optional top-mounted frame houses the output cable.

    Selecting The Correct TRU
    Transformer rectifier units (TRUs) delivering 600 amps continuous power – with the ability to briefly produce up to 1800 amps for engine starting – require a mains input of at least 63 amps (44Kw @ 400V) to accommodate the overload without tripping the supply circuit breaker. If there is insufficient power, upgrading the mains supply to handle the inrush current can be prohibitively expensive.

    For operators requiring a mains powered TRU, Powervamp offers two models: model TRU 600/2000 and model TRU 600/1800 Combi:

    • Option 1: TRU 600/2000

    If sufficient power is available, Powervamp’s conventional TRU 600/2000 delivers 600 amps continuous power and 2000 peak amps directly from the 3-phase mains.

    • Option 2: TRU 600/1800 Combi

    In locations where insufficient mains power is available, Powervamp offers its TRU 600/1800 Combi (combination model). This high-efficiency unit utilises ultra-high-discharge batteries to deliver the peak amperage, with advanced switch-mode power supply modules ganged in parallel to provide the continuous amperage. The result is a lighter-weight, compact and highly efficient DC ground power unit suitable for daily ramp or hangar operations on the largest of DC aircraft.

    Because batteries supply the peak amperage, with the 600/1800 Combi there is no need to overload the incoming supply and the 600/1800 Combi can be supplied from a more common 32A (22Kw @ 400V) supply. This combination of technology reduces power consumption with the added benefit of providing exceptionally stable DC power via the internal switch mode power supplies.

    The 600/1800 Combi is a modular design allowing different power supplies to be installed. If the customer requires less continuous amps, the GPU can be supplied with a reduced continuous output thereby reducing the cost of the unit without affecting peak amp starting performance.


  • Coolspool 410

    Unlike a diesel GPU, Coolspool battery carts are simply connected to a charger at the end of the day. Annual savings in fuel and maintenance are typically between $40,000 and $300,000 dollars compared with a diesel GPU running daily. There are no diesel costs, no exhaust, no noise, no pollution – and no maintenance.

    Direct cost comparisons between a diesel GPU and a Coolspool show savings enabling many operators to amortise the Coolspool GPU in less than 6 months while benefiting from the favourable public and corporate publicity of using environment-friendly equipment.

    The modular design of the advanced technology battery pack allows rapid swap-out if necessary. Batteries are sealed, maintenance-free and cleared for air transportation. Able to be used by personnel with the minimum of technical knowledge, Coolspool GPUs are easy to operate and repair.

    The Coolspool battery cart range is perfect for remote operations, ramp/hangar duty or regular line operations. Unlike diesel GPUs which need regular maintenance, the Coolspool carts need only a single or 3-phase mains connection for their charger – depending on charge time.

    For operators with multiple DC aircraft movements requiring several Coolspool carts, Powervamp supplies a remote multi-charge station which allows several battery carts to be simultaneously re-charged. Because the special cells have no memory effect, carts not in use can be recharged at any time.

    Range Options

    Model Dimensions* Integral Capacity Output cable Height Length Width Weight power supply (amp/hrs) lengths

    • Coolspool 580 950mm (37in) 1500mm (59in) 820mm (32in) 560kg (1,234lbs) External 580 4m (13ft) standard
    • Coolspool 410 950mm (37in) 1500mm (59in) 820mm (32in) 477kg (1,051lbs) External 350 4m (13ft) standard
    • Coolspool 260 710mm (28in) 1060mm (42in) 720mm (281⁄2in) 270kg (594lbs) 80 amps 260 4m (13ft) standard
    • Coolspool 130 710mm (28in) 1060mm (42in) 720mm (281⁄2in) 157kg (346lbs) 80 amps 130 4m (13ft) standard

    *Allow an extra 100mm (3.9in) for handle during transportation


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