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Airport Passenger, Baggage and Air Cargo Processing

The continuously increasing number of passengers, space restrictions as well as increasing demands regarding availability and service quality require intelligent systems to ensure optimum processes and increase the efficiency of existing procedures and equipment.

Therefore a consistent mapping of all relevant data plays a central role. This is made possible by means of integrating IT systems over all hierarchy levels. PSI Logistics offers you the PSIairport/EAI Enterprise Application Integration for simple and transparent linking of all airport systems. This allows you to configure interfaces flexibly, integrate new systems and distribute information that is filtered and controlled.

Almost all the large inner-German commercial airports rely on PSI systems to ensure the security and reliability of their processes.

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Company Profile

  • PSIairport - Individual approaches for every requirement

    Solutions for passenger and baggage handling have been part of the core features of our airport systems for many years. We offer airports, airlines and ground handlers comprehensive system, network, and all-in-one solutions – from planning to service:

    • Analysis and consulting
    • Implementation and customisation
    • Delivery of hardware and network solutions
    • Staff training
    • 24/7 Service

    Depending on your requirements, we deliver, configure, and install cluster systems with extremely short switch-over times, high availability RAC databases or systems on virtual infrastructure.

    Our regularly performed system checks as well as monitoring systems that automatically raise alarms in case of errors ensure reliable operations. In addition we offer a 24/7 hotline with very short reaction times and highly qualified technical staff.

    Solutions for intelligent decentralized check-in processes, for multifunctional use of flight information display systems or for value added service offers of airports, hotels, transport service providers round off our product range in the area of baggage and passenger handling.


    • Visible key performance data across multiple hierarchical levels
    • High availability and reliability thanks to system checks and monitoring
    • Operating cost savings
    • Secure and transparent baggage handling
    • Process optimization and increased efficiency
    • Anticipatory planning
    • Individualized, custom concepts –from check-in to baggage loading
  • PSIairport Baggage Handling System

    Our Baggage Handling System PSIairport/BHS ensures an optimum baggage flow at airports and integrates participating systems of airlines, airports and handling agents.

    • Transparent mapping of complex material flows
    • Early detection of potential and risks
    • Process-spanning view of data for information retrieval
    • Decentralized, mobile control

    The system transparently maps complex material flows. It supports the development of emergency operations strategies and includes automated planning tools that help ensure a secure and efficient process. The management of the early baggage storage can also be controlled by PSIairport/BHS. In addition, the Baggage Handling System allows the integration of CCTV systems to enable specific analysis of camera pictures for each bag as well as to create individually customizable statistics over the total baggage flow.

    Enhanced by customized functions you will be able to properly assess the baggage system and its current state and, for example, supported by the graphic planning control system, react in an optimum manner. Meaningfully graduated system messages as well as the clear and intuitive operation of the system support you in this. A monitoring tool encompassing the hard and software provides comprehensive information that allows you to act in a timely and pre-emptive manner.

    The mobile add-on of PSIairport/BHS provides decentralized control station functions and statistics and baggage information on different platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS). User group profiles ensure requirement-specific views on the mobile devices; for example for maintenance staff, a visualisation of the baggage handling equipment or the current utilization of the system.

  • PSIairport Baggage Reconciliation System

    The Baggage Reconciliation System PSIairport/BRS ensures that no baggage is loaded on to a plane without a corresponding passenger. Apart from this base function PSIairport/BRS provides a number of functions to meet the demands of ground traffic control and airlines.

    • Space-saving sorting
    • Management cockpit with indicators for process optimization
    • Process acceleration

    Airline-specific loading strategies (e.g. batch loading) or baggage segregation, pre-sorting according to container classes, general container management or recording of arrival baggage are also included in the standard scope of PSIairport/BRS. Further functions support the timely loading of transfer baggage, booking of rush baggage or tracing of the transport history of a specific bag. Various statistical analyses such as the scan quota or manifold lists (container lists, loading lists, etc.) can be created and distributed either automatically or manually.

    The cross-platform mobile solution, PSIairport/BRS can be used with a wide selection of Android, iOS or Windows end devices. The mobile devices and the central BRS system can communicate via WLAN or a mobile phone connection.

    A comprehensive documentation of all baggage transports as well as various statistical analyses round off the scope of the solution.

    PSIairport/BRS Cloud Flyer

  • PSIairport IT & Infrastructre

    • Delivery of custom designed server systems based on customer needs
    • Planning and installation of networks (copper, fiber optic, WiFi and site-to-site VPN)
    • Delivery of IT equipment (hand scanners, work stations, monitors, displays, etc.)
    • Planning and installation of camera systems
    • Planning and installation of facility informational monitors
  • PSIairport/CCTV - High resolution video tracking based on Neural Networks

    CCTV combines high resolution video tracking and documentation with AI methods for object detection and classification. This solution delivers a complete real time localisation system based on video supervision to track baggage or any kind of carriers, boxes or parcels in a sorting center.

    Qualicision based object classification with neural Networks is used to identify baggage, labels and baggage characteristics in real time. This information combined with PSIairport/bhs despatching and PSIairport/brs tracking system data leads to an high quality baggage handling process with less exceptions and no-read checks.

    Conveying systems tracking functionality with hundreds of barcode readers could be simplified and partly replaced by our high-resolution video based tracking. On-the-fly detection with video coding is used to reduce the load on No-Read-Terminals. With less exceptions we realize a significant quality improvement on a higher Automation level.

    Features PSIairport/CCTV:

    • Visual baggage tracking on conveyors and sorting machines
    • Label identification
    • Exception Handling on-the-fly

    Your benefits:

    • Real-time baggage classification from check-in to the aircraft
    • Higher automation level
    • Reduction of no-reads
    • Process optimization via live streaming

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