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Aviation Security Training, Online, Classroom, Workplace Training and Security Audit Services

Quelltex Ltd is a leading aviation security training provider. We deliver classroom training, online courses and bespoke blended learning. We are a leading supplier of General Awareness Security Training for airside pass holders.

Under the UK Syllabi, we provide all course types for: Air Cargo Security, In-flight Supplies Security, Airport Supplies Security. We provide ground security courses from operatives to managers. X-ray screener training for aviation and other environments.

Company Profile

  • General Security Awareness Training

    General Security Awareness Training. Our online GSAT Courses are easy to complete and students can download their own certificate on successful completion.

  • X-ray Training

    Recurrent x-ray training online. We have packages for air cargo, airport supplies, hold baggage and cabin baggage screening and we tailor packages to customer requirements.

  • Screener Training Courses

    Courses for Ground Security Operatives, Hold Baggage Screeners, Airport Supplies, Air Cargo and In-flight Supplies Security Screeners. Courses can include person search, vehicle search, access control, hand search, visual checking as well as use of screening technologies and weapons recognition. Courses can be entirely classroom based, a blend of classroom and online learning, or in some cases, purely online.

  • Aviation Security Manager and Security Supervisor Courses

    Quelltex Ltd provides Aviation Security Manager’s courses, typically over 4 days, though duration can vary according to specific needs. Supervisor training courses for, Air Cargo Security, In-Flight Supplies Security, Airport Supplies Security and Ground Security.

  • UK CAA Recognised Courses

    • Ground Security Operatives – Target: Security Staff responsible for passenger and staff screening
    • Ground Security Supervisors – Target: Security Supervisors (included material relating to people management issues)
    • Aviation Security Manager Initial – Target: Airline, Handling Agent, Airport Security Managers, Regulated Suppliers
    • Aviation Security Management refresher courses – Target: Airline, Handling Agent, Airport Security Managers
    • Aircraft Search – Target: Aircraft Search Contractors
    • CASP – Target: Cargo Admin Staff
    • CO – Target: Cargo Handlers, Drivers
    • CO Screening – Target: Cargo Handlers with screening responsibilities such as x-ray
    • CS Screening – Target: Cargo Supervisors
    • CM – Target: Cargo Managers and Appointed Persons at Regulated Agent Sites
    • National X-ray Competency Test for Cargo Screeners – Target All UK air cargo x-ray screeners
    • In-Flight Supplies Modules 1-14 – Target: All persons dealing with Known In-Flight Supplies
    • Known Supplier Modules 1-8 – Target: All persons packing and dispatching known supplies to a regulated supplier
    • Known Consignor Course – All persons working in areas where identifiable SPX cargo is produced/packed/despatched to a Air Cargo Regulated Agent
    • National X-ray Competency Tests -Target: Cabin Baggage Screeners at UK Airports
    • X-ray 6 monthly refresher courses, with our X6x6 on line system
    • Web based courses – developed to suit client needs
    • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) (classroom and Web based)

    Contact us for details of other tailored security awareness courses and check-in security courses.


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