Quickloading GmbH

Fanblade De-Icer System, Quick Aircraft Towbar Changer, Quick Baggage Loading Box

Quickloading GmbH is an innovative company with vast experience in the development of elaborate new tools for air traffic and handling, de-icing, airing and loading of commercial aircrafts.

Our team of engineers with practical experience and experienced pilots develop convincing problem solutions for the work which needs to be done hundreds of times each day at any airport worldwide. The outstanding products of Quickloading help you to save lots of time and money.

Quickloading also offer new developments which, after thorough analysis of existing processes, are planned, optimised and manufactured according to the requests of the customer. In this process, technologies and solutions are created, which immediately convince and stand out in their finish and material quality.

Quickloading design their high-quality products exactly for ramp requirements.  These have already become established inventory at German and international airports.

At Quickloading we offer elaborate, tested and approved solutions which allow for effective minimisation of maintenance and ground time.

It’s speed and safety that count most at the ramp!

The long durability, multiple usability and intelligent design speak for the Quickloading solutions. The products comply with the strictest safety criteria and convince with the creativity and solidarity of German engineering.

Our customers not only include the biggest German airports (Fraport, MUC Airport, etc.), but also many international airports.

Our products especially designed for aviation and appreciated by professional are constructed for low wear and guarantee:

  • a failure-resistant design with patented innovations
  • energy-saving and highly effective de-icing of aircraft engines
  • environmental friendly and quick connection of the aircraft to the air conditioning system
  • economic, quick and easy cargo stowing thanks to an universally compatitble stowage system

Company Profile

  • Pre-Conditioned Air Equipment

    PCA Hose

    The hose developed by Quickloading is contrary to the otherwise usual hoses PVC-free and thus does not emit any emollients to the air which is transferred into the aircraft.

    The light hose stays flexible even at -30 °C and makes handling easier.

  • The PCA Cart

    • simplifies the connection of large capacity aircrafts to the PCA system.
    • is designed for one-person-operation and makes quick setting-up and taking-down possible
    • is braked and arrested by easy flipping up of the draw bar
    • remains in its position even in wind up to 74 km/h (40kn) and in ice and snow
    • connected to the PCA in just seconds via the hose coupling developed by Quickloading
    • low maintenance and except for the wheel axle lubricant-free

    Further advantages of the PCA cart

    • Air distribution optimised for two PCA-connections for the air flow.
    • Resistance of the total system reduced to a minimum which saves energy and costs.
    • Weather protection by plastic sheeting divided into three sectors.
    • Frame made of stainless steel and resistant against aggressive lubricants.
  • Hose Coupling 14“

    The light coupling was designed for quick extension of 14“ PCA hoses.

    The hoses are connected safely by a insertion-coupling system.

  • PCA Pit-Adapter

    The easy adapter designed for an easy coupling and arresting.

    • Contrary to the usually used flexible handles, coupling of the aircraft is thanks to fixed handles remarkably easier.
    • Arresting is done left and right by operation with the thumb.
    • The adapter makes it possible to freely turn the hose even when the PCA device is operating.
  • Remote Control Holder

    A light and ergonomic holder for the remote control was developed.

    The mounting was optimised both for the Pit-Adapter and the hose coupling.

  • Hose Clip

    Special high-quality hose clip made of stainless steel with all around edge protection for fabric, plastic and rubber. Contrary to the conventional clips, the Quickloading hose clip enters a tight form fit with the hose and protects the hose effectively from damage.

    Can be deliver in individual lengths
    Standard lengths: 8“ – 10“ – 12“ – 14“

  • Fanblade De-Icer

    This Quickloading system de-ices the fan blades reliably without expensive auxiliary heating units – at costs, which are unrivalled. De-icing fluids are prohibited in engines, because they can damage expensive sensors and sensitive components. Conventional aircraft heating devices are expensive and usually require the work of two people for a longer period.

    The Quickloading de-icer is simply sensational, inexpensive and saves costs. No motor required, as it uses the hot air from the RAM air, the air conditioning output air of the aircraft and feeds this air into the engines. The specially contoured nozzle is laid in the engine and de-ices it fully automatically.

    The service personnel lay the hose on arrival, remove it before the start and in the meantime they can do the other work on the aircraft.


    • Reliable, fully automatic de-icing without additives and additional devices
    • Environmentally friendly through use of expended air from the air conditioning
  • Quick Towbar Changer

    The Quick Towbar Changer combines the reliable, inexpensive and proven type of aircraft Towbar with the flexibility of a Towbar less tractor.

    One single Quick Towbar Changer replaces in practice up to 6 aircraft Towbars! Due to elimination of the trip to the towbar depot, fuel consumption is considerably reduced. That is good not only for the budget in time and financial resources, but also for the environment. And availability of the towing vehicle is verifiably increased.

    The Quick Towbar Changer is used like a “conventional” aircraft towbar. It can carry in its toolkit up to 6 towbar heads for specific aircraft types. To carry out a push-back, only the required type of towbar head – for example for the A320 – must be swivelled forward and locked in place with the bolt system. Now the push-back can proceed safely and surely. The patent Quick Towbar Changer offers many functions already in the basic version:

    Rotating towing eye with shock absorber, floating wheel axle, spring-loaded undercarriage, replaceable skid of hard rubber, holder for spare shear pin for every head and easy adaptation of the tool kit to each particular task. The Quick Towbar Changer is made of stain-less steel throughout. This assures long life and a safe investment.


    • One towbar with up to 6 changeable heads in his magazine
    • You need only One towbar from ATR up to A380
    • High flexibility for changing a push-back process
    • Reduction in the high costs and follow-on costs for a large number of bars
    • No towbar logistics more
    • More push-backs in one hour
    • Almost maintenance-free towbar and replacement heads
  • Quick Loading Box

    The patented Quick Loading Box speeds up the loading and unloading of baggage items noticeably and arranges them also in a handier, more compact unit together, protecting the baggage.

    The box was developed for the A320 series and is filled at the terminal and closed with a tarpaulin. It is only as wide as the baggage conveyor, meaning it can be loaded into the aircraft with standard equipment. In the aircraft, the box is simply moved with built-in rollers and then locked in place.


    • Quick loading and unloading
    • Use of the existing baggage dollies
    • Mixed loads of bulkload and Quick Loading Box possible with simplified cases search
    • Bodily handicapped baggage handlers can be employed
    • Aircraft loading via conveyor belt or high loader
    • Far less damage to cases
    • Faster baggage transfer
    • Easier handling in the baggage sorting hall – also compared to container system and baggage carts
    • Good weather protection for baggage
    • Reduction of damage in aircraft baggage hold
    • Less room needed for storage due to stacking of empty boxes (up to 6 together)
    • Reduction of the transfer trips: 1 dolly can transport 12 empty Quick Loading Boxes
    • The box can be used for dangerous loads, heavy loads or general cargo


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