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Airport Exterior Lighting Fixing and Sealing Polymer, Geogrid Runway Asphalt Reinforcement and Anti Reflexive Cracking

Quinimar is a company that develops high quality and fast setting solutions and products for airport pavements.

For fixing and sealing lights in pavements we have an FAA approved product (QuiniResin Airport) that allows opening the pavement for traffic just one hour after application. It’s an easy and equipment free application.

QuiniResin Airport uses its extraordinary mechanical characteristic like having 672 Kg/cm2 of compression resistance just an hour after application (it reaches almost 1500 Kg/cm2) as well as extra fast curing that allows it to guarantee security, durability and quality in the minimum time of application.

It is as applicable for light fixing as for manholes, technical parts and covers that need to be fixed and sealed in airport pavements.

We also have a high quality geogrid range (QuiniRoad) to reinforce airport asphalt pavements.

QuiniRoad has optimal anti crack properties for old asphalt layers or to keep the concrete joints from behaving like reflective cracks in the new asphalt layer

We have extensive experience in these applications. Contact us for more information and visit us on www.quinimar.com

Company Profile

  • Fix and Seal in Just 1 Hour

    QuiniResin Airport is a unique product to fix and seal lights and manholes in airport pavements.

    It has a cure time of just 1 hour and reaches a compression resistance of almost 700 Kg/cm2 in this time. Its final resistance reaches almost 1500 Kg/cm2 in a couple of days.

    It is unique because it is the only FAA AC 150/5370-10F approved product within 1 hour.

    The always increasing traffic in airports doesn’t allow time for repair and maintenance and that is the reason why QuiniResin Airport is such a successful product since it’s crucial for efficiency

    With QuiniResin Airport you do your fixing and sealing work well, fast and easily.

    There is no need for electricity or any type of equipment and the excellent physical and mechanical characteristics assure its durability and quality proven in the worst conditions.

  • Fixing Lights in Airport Pavements

    Will you open a runaway to land an aircraft over a light in pavement fixed just 1hour before? The normal answer is no. not possible.

    But with QuiniResin Airport you can do it.

    Our customers do it daily, worldwide with absolutely antagonic conditions.

    From dry and freezing to humid and warm temperatures, we have tried it all and been successful.

    Its unique formula makes QuiniResin Airport the best product to fix and seal lights in airport pavements.

    Watch the video for a real application

  • Fixing Manholes and covers in Airport Pavements

    In airports a large number of parts need to be fixed in pavements.

    From Technical covers related with electronic devices, to covers of the sewing system. From underground combustible supply systems to drainage covers, there are many parts that need to be fixed and sealed to pavements.

    These parts are very demanding in terms of mechanical characteristics since heavy duty traffic will overpass them often.

    The high standards for these parts cannot be different from the product that fixes and seals them to the pavements.

    This is where QuiniResin Airport makes its appearance, since you have to do it well, fast and easily.

    Taxi ways and aircraft parking lots cannot wait for too long…

    See this real application of a high demanding drainage cover in a parking lot in Mexico City Airport

  • Fiberglass geogrid for Pavement Reinforcement and Anti Crack Propagation

    The reason why fibreglass geogrids are getting so popular in airport pavements is because they ensure a higher life expectancy of the pavements.

    The mechanical characteristics of QuiniRoad fibreglass geogrid developed over the last 25 years assure its compatibility with the reinforcing asphalt layer. They work together as a symbiosis.

    QuiniRoad fibreglass geogrid will compensate the lack of properties in asphalt layers. It will upgrade the characteristics of this composite reinforced asphalt layer.

    QuiniRoad fibreglass geogrid has a high modulus of elasticity, an 100% elastic behaviour and its elongation is around 2% witch makes it perfect for asphalt layer reinforcement since the asphalt layers have a much lower modulus, are viscoelastic and the elongation in their service life is similar.

    Another property that is of major importance is the anti crack propagation characteristic of the QuiniRoad geogrid.

    It will delay a lot the development of reflexive cracks present in the old asphalt layers (or in the concrete joints) that will propagate to the new layer. QuiniRoad will dissipate the upward propagation of the crack and will delay it in reaching the top.

    This will increase the fatigue resistance of the pavement. It will ensure its quality for a longer period of time and that means efficiency and money saving.

    Remember that a geogrid will only work if it is perfectly bonded with the old and new layers. If a geogrid is not well bonded critical products will occur.

    That is the reason why we developed our geogrid to ensure that it would always be absolutely well bonded.

    There are several details in the geogrid, like the special bitumen coating, mesh sizes, thickness, and a lot more that we have already tested for a long time and that will ensure a good application and a good final result.

    Ask us all the details and see the following application in the international Tocumen Airport in Panamá City


QUINIRESIN® AIRPORT FLEX - Rigid and Elastic Polymer for joints at Airports

QuiniResin® Airport Flex is a bi-component polymer, specifically developed for the demanding applications in airport pavements. It is commonly used in the sealing of concrete pavement joints as well as in the filling of saw cuts …


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