R3 Ltd

Pavement Management Systems, Friction Surveys, PCI surveys, Machine Control

R3 Ltd is an independent testing consultancy service for Roads, Runways and Racetracks.  The company was established to bring years of academic research and knowledge from the materials laboratory at Ulster University to the wider industry. The continual monitoring of runway surfaces using a Pavement Management System is not only mandatory under international guidelines but important for whole-life management of an airports most import asset helping to improve safety and reduce costs. R3 can help you with this by providing standard testing services for airport Pavement Management Systems (PMS) as well as specialised testing services for runways around the globe.

Our team have carried out surveys around the world to ICAO, UK CAA, EASA and FAA legislation.  Our highly educated team specialise in testing for pavement surfaces.  Our specialised team offer an independent, discrete, cost-effective consultancy services to help you look after your pavement surface.

We offer full Pavement Management Survey solutions including Pavement Condition Index (PCI) surveys, Friction testing, Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) surveys, Smoothness surveys (IRI, BBI) and Pavement Management Software solutions. Our staff have experience of implementing Pavement Management Systems (PMS) all over the world.

We work with leading airports to provide Friction surveys, Pavement Condition Index (PCI) surveys, Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) survey and Smoothness (IRI, BBI) surveys using profilometers. Our partnership with Ulster University, a leading UK research university, allows us to offer unique services in helping you understand the Pavement Management System (PMS) data.

R3 go beyond just delivering the survey data, we help you to analyse and process the data to apply it your pavement remedial needs saving you money by maximising the potential life of your pavement assets.  Our Pavement Management System (PMS) software can calculate PCI, PCN and now Airport Classification Rating-Pavement Classification Rating (ACR-PCR).

We work with leading OEMs to provide LiDAR surveys services for the use of Machine Control to automate milling and paving to improve smoothness and automate resurfacing projects. Working with Topcon Smoothride Machine Control we offer a full solution for scanning and Machine Control file generation.


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