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Drug and Alcohol workplace screening

Randox Testing Services is a specialist in the drug and alcohol testing industry. Our expertise is relied upon by a range of leading safety-critical companies as well as the medico-legal sector. Through utilising innovative multiplex drug and alcohol screening methods as well as LC/GC mass spectrometry confirmatory analysis our complete service guarantees accurate and reliable results.

It is this accuracy and reliability that has led us to supplying drug and alcohol testing services to a range of companies in various industries; in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

With a variety of testing methods that utilise various sample types and with a UK, Ireland and global network of trained collection officers, we give confidence to our customers by ensuring our complete service meets all their needs.

Randox Testing Services is committed to using it’s recognised, market-leading expertise to improve workplace safety in a range of industries domestically and internationally.

With the widespread availability of drugs and alcohol, there is an increased risk of substance abuse in the workplace leading to significant ramifications for a business and its employees. Jeopardising the safety of not only the user, but also their co-workers and in some cases the general public, it affects the whole business environment and puts those present at serious risk of harm.

Substance misuse (or abuse) is defined as the sustained use of any mind-altering substance. This includes legal substances like solvents and alcohol as well as illegal drugs. Substance misuse impairs an individual’s ability to perform normal, routine tasks, as well as affecting their ability to interact socially. Altering their behaviour, it can have a damaging effect on all areas of their life, with their workplace being no exception.

To counteract the negative effects substance misuse can have on a company, many organisations implement a policy that outlines their expectations concerning working whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This can often be referred to as a substance misuse policy and it enables employers to implement workplace drug and alcohol testing processes.

As workplace testing becomes more common it is important that drug and alcohol testing service providers are equipped to meet the varying demands of different industries.

At Randox Testing Services we possess a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to offer holistic packages to meet the needs of the customer, regardless of their location or industry. This knowledge comes from over 35 years of testing experience in the diagnostics industry and through our involvement with bodies that help shape testing legislation. 

We pride ourselves on helping our customers improve the health and safety of their working environment through helping them implement a comprehensive substance misuse policy. Our expertise within this industry allows us to craft customised packages to meet the drug and alcohol testing needs of any workplace. Our methods are flexible to adapt to any changes and our testing processes are accurate, to guarantee reliable results.

Company Profile

  • Drug & Alcohol Workplace Testing

    Randox Testing Services is part of the Randox Laboratories group, a global market leader in the diagnostics industry with over 30 years’ experience. We are a market leader in the Forensic Toxicology and Drug and Alcohol testing industry. We provide drug and alcohol testing solutions to workplaces with safety critical roles and the medico-legal sector. With a dedicated laboratory and state-of-the-art medical testing equipment, we have the ability to perform a wide variety of tests ranging from alcohol and commonly abused drugs, to more unusual substances, aided by our ability to offer the most comprehensive drugs of abuse testing currently on the market.

    We assist companies to minimise the risks associated with substance misuse in the workplace, by testing employees in a range of industries including Construction, Transport, Aviation, Safety Critical and Facilities Management.

    Using our expertise and cutting-edge technology we have the capability to offer a range of services to customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

    By offering our services across various regions, we can provide a comprehensive network of fully trained collection specialists. These collection specialists are trained to the highest levels to carry out onsite drug and alcohol testing, with the capacity to follow strict chain of custody procedures; from sample collection to delivery of results. For more information of workplace drug and alcohol testing please visit our website: www.randoxtestingservices.com

  • Point of Care Testing

    At Randox Testing Services we offer a wide range of products to enable you to carry out on-site drug and alcohol testing for instant results. Our products are specifically designed to test for the presence of drugs and alcohol, and include a selection of user friendly devices and instant screening kits. In addition to this, we offer a selection of collection devices and confirmatory kits which, following appropriate training can be used by you to collect samples to send to our state-of-the-art laboratory for confirmatory analysis.

    We provide a range of quality products that can be customised to meet your needs. Our tests include a range of simple to use methods such as breathalysers, urine collection cups and oral fluid swabs. The ability to choose from multiple methods gives you more control when it comes to sample collection.

    Our range of instant tests can provide results for up to 14 drugs of abuse, allowing you the flexibility to select what you want to test for. All of our devices are CE marked for quality, assuring that your results are reliable and accurate.

    As well as instant tests we also offer a back to lab confirmation service. This means that you can collect the sample on site and then send it to our laboratory for analysis either as a direct back to lab test or as a confirmation following a non-negative screening. To discover more about our point of care testing products visit our website: www.randoxtestingservices.com

  • Training and Education

    Randox Testing Services offer a range of training and education services to ensure efficient implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing. Benefitting both employers and employees, training and education programmes facilitate implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing by educating employers and employees on the benefits of employee testing as well as ensuring a competent management team carry out the process.

    Our educational services facilitate implementation of a substance misuse policy as well as maintaining the benefits of employee testing, by enhancing legislative knowledge among employers and providing drug and alcohol policy advice.

    Our range of tailored training programmes are created to educate employers and their management staff. All training courses are fully documented, regularly reviewed and include an assessment of the effectiveness of training. In addition, all attendees are provided with a Certificate of Attendance at the end of each completed training course. For further information on our training and education services please see our website: www.randoxtestingservices.com

  • Consultancy Services

    We offer a complete consultancy service to help employers create, or modify, an effective substance misuse policy. This service offers practical advice, guidance and support in composing a substance misuse policy and includes advice on how to introduce employee testing in the workplace.

    Our full consultancy service offers assistance in creating or modifying a new or existing policy. Helping you to create a substance misuse policy we provide guidance and support in ensuring a robust written document which allows you to expertly communicate to your employees, your company’s approach to drugs and alcohol.

    For more information about our range of consultancy services, visit our website: www.randoxtestingservices.com


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