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Mobile Weighing Equipment / Scales for Air Cargo & Airport Material Handling

RAVAS Europe, the number one in mobile weighing, manufactures and distributes weighing systems integrated in hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks. These mobile scales produce information on material flows, made available on-line to WMS and ERP systems, raising efficiency and productivity, and creating immediate cost savings.

RAVAS Europe is leading in a growing market that embraces mobile weighing wholeheartedly and it has grew more global over the past years. RAVAS is continuously developing new techniques that help us maintain our lead and create advanced mobile weighing systems, that are of value to our customers.

Product innovation has always been the cornerstone of RAVAS’ market leadership. For instance our iForks were awarded the Innovation Prize of the British Forklift Truck Association. But the iForks were not the first groundbreaking product developed by RAVAS. Discover what RAVAS has available for you!


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RAVAS and CubeTape – mobile weighing and mobile dimensioning

Company Profile

  • Air Cargo Scales & Mobile Weighing Equipment

    Mobile weighing systems are scales integrated in material handling equipment such as hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers, order picking trucks, reach trucks and forklift trucks.

    By using mobile weighing systems our clients are able to make their internal logistics cheaper and more efficient, thanks to the information they generate via the scale on their pallet truck, warehouse truck or forklift truck.

    An integrated scale measures the weight of transported goods, a barcode reader identifies the shipment, and all this data is exchanged with a warehouse management system (WMS and ERP systems) via truck terminals and wireless networks. Thus information is made available for on-line checking of incoming goods or order picking, for quality control, tracking & tracing, benchmarking and management information.

    For every application a RAVAS mobile weighing system is of great value. For example for KLM Cargo:

    When KLM Cargo started to use legal for trade scales on their Hyster forklift trucks to verify the weight of all air freight pallets presented by their clients, invoiced turn-over went up enough to have complete return of investment on the forklift scales within weeks.

    Weighing – and especially mobile weighing – is a highly efficient way to stay ahead in the business you are in, RAVAS’ mobile weighing systems will help you improve logistics and production processes, performance and efficiency, reducing costs at the same time.


  • Forklift Truck Scales

    RAVAS weighing systems for forklift trucks enable your forklift to lift and weigh at the same time. Do you want accurate weighing and easy installation? Try iForks, or the RWV weighing forks.

    Are you looking for low cost (heavy duty) check weighing? The RCS or RCS PLUS hydraulic weighing system is best for you. Or pick the RVL carriage plate scale, which allows weighing in combination with attachments like clamps or rotators.

    All systems are easily mounted. Multi-tasking has never been so easy!


    Electric Pallet Trucks and Order Picking Trucks

    Turn your pallet truck, stacker truck or order picker into a mobile scale with a RAVAS RPW EL or RPW ST weighing system. RAVAS warehouse trucks scales fit all brands of trucks, using a simple modification of the fork construction. The scale systems show weight information and can exchange data with your truck terminal or warehouse management system. They prevent errors in order picking and avoid overloads on freight trucks. Or they just simply check weigh incoming goods.

    A scale indicator of your choice shows the weight on the forks and communicates with a truck terminal or warehouse management system if desired. Every load lifted is instantly weighed.


  • Hand Pallet Truck Scales

    First-rate European quality, RAVAS weighing pallet trucks come in all shapes and sizes.

    Like the low cost RAVAS-1 and RAVAS-1100, for check weighing of incoming and outgoing goods.

    Or the ultra light RAVAS-2100/4100, for batching, filling drums or containers, and for counting.

    The RAVAS-6100 in its turn is very efficient at counting parts or mixing and dosing according to recipes, while the RAVAS-2100 EXi is an ATEX certified scale for use in hazardous environments.

    Legal for trade, or in stainless steel: everything you expect from a weighing pallet truck, and more.

  • RAVAS Software

    The days of the stand alone mobile scale are drawing to an end: today’s keyword is ‘connectivity’.

    RAVAS supplies software packages that connect mobile scales with Warehouse Management or ERP Systems.

    UniMobile Connect is a simple bridge software that imports the weight information into WMS applications on truck terminals.

    UniMobile is software for offline data capture on a PDA. And UniWin is PC software that interfaces between ERP systems and mobile scales on the work floor. Get connected too!


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