RCS Contracting GmbH

Airport Runway and Road Surface Treatments, Marking Removal and Friction Testing

RCS Contracting is a German company that offers one of the most technically advanced equipment and vehicle fleet in the world.

With economic, environmentally-friendly systems and more than 35 years’ experience, RCS offers rubber removal on runways, the removal of markings, the cleaning of large-scale areas, friction coefficient measurements including classification, the improvement of grip on any surface and removal of oil for the airport industry.

RCS Contracting has the most modern, environmentally friendly and efficient machinery in operation worldwide. For the time being, RCS operates three truck fleets, one in Middle East, one in Europe and one in Brazil (RCS do Brasil).

A partnership with one of the world’s greatest logistic companies guarantees the fast and professional transportation of our systems to anywhere in the world.

Company Profile

  • Airport Runway Surface Treatments & Marking Removal

    To ensure the highest possible degree of safety during landing, it must become standard practice to remove tyre rubber deposits before the surface reaches the critical limit.

    The problems associated with dirty runways are well documented. Rubber and other residues build up, leading to reduced traction and lower friction values. If the friction value falls too low, it moves out of the accepted range for the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) compliance.

    RCS uses water without the addition of chemical agents or any abrasive additives. Cleaning with water under high pressure is the least abrasive way to remove rubber deposits and runway markings. The surfaces treated by RCS can be immediately opened to traffic after treatment and runways can be used completely.

  • Stripe Removal - Pavement or Road Marking

    The most important success in stripe removal – pavement or road marking – is to remove the markings from asphalt or concrete without inflicting damage to the surface. Traditionally the markings are removed with grinders, which use carbide or steel teeth and will remove to the lowest level of paint and cause grooving damages.

    The RCS Contracting system can quickly and efficiently remove even the most durable pavement markings (e.g. thermoplastic lines) on runways. The system maintains the integrity of the surface and avoids any danger for motorists from grooving damage.

    Water-based Airport Runway Cleaner

    With RCS’s airport runway cleaner, the rubber deposits on runways and road markings are removed solely by water and residues are entirely withdrawn by suction.

    The 1,000mm Ø surface cleaner (300mm Ø for line marking removal), which is located between the first and the second axle, can be lifted up and swiveled back into the chassis within 3s. In case of an emergency, the vehicle can be driven off the runway within 10s.

  • Friction Testing for Runways

    The RCS runway friction tester, type Mu Meter FT 256, is a continuous surface friction measuring and reporting system for testing airport runways and taxiways.

    The equipment consists of a small three-wheeled trailer incorporating electronic measuring systems, which operate in conjunction with a computer, carried in a special towing vehicle. The towing vehicle SMV 316 is equipped with a recommended water tank, water pump and nozzle bar.

    RCS operators are trained and skilled to carry out requested friction tests as well as full classification runs.

  • Filter Container

    To handle the waste water after cleaning we use a special designed filter container which is able to separate the debris and the water.

    Furthermore we also offer the service to take care of the proper disposal of waste.


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