Reco 3.26

Computer Vision Solutions

Reco 3.26, was born in 2018 and it’s based in Italy and UK. To date, it’s an innovative SME, one of the top Italian players in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Computer Vision and Video Analysis.

In 2018 the company developed its first product, the S.A.R.I., for the Ministry of the Interior and the State Police, based on Intelligent Recognition (Facial Recognition) and patented in Italy and in USA.

Reco 3.26 offers innovative, sustainable and customized computer vision solutions to companies and other entities around the world. It acts with a sense of environmental and social responsibility.

Reco 3.26 responds to customer needs in terms of: Security and Access control; Logistics & Supply Chain Services; Recognition of faces, behaviours and emotions; Crowd Detection; Object detection; Intelligent Passenger Flow Management; Quality control of materials; Automatic measurement of clothing items; Smart City, Training&Exams.

The main customers who make use of Reco technologies, operate in the following sectors: Public Administration and State Police; Industrial Production and Manufacturing; Stadium, Airports, Ports and Stations; Finance; Logistics; Energy Production and Distribution; Telecommunications.

Top Clients of the Company: Milan Bergamo Airport, Italy; Leonardo spa; Catania Airport, Italy; Italian government and State Police; Bcube spa; Sport e Salute Spa; Teleconsul, Sirfin, ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi), Poste Italiane spa.

Main Solutions for Airports

In 2019, it develops the Face2Fly system, currently present at Catania Airport and being installed at Milan-Bergamo, Orio al Serio Airport. Using innovative biometric facial recognition technologies, the system allows you to verify the identity of the passenger, trace the passage from the various checkpoints at the airport and verify that he is authorized to access the boarding gate.

In 2022, the company is working on the Entry/Exit system (EES) for the management of extra-Schengen passenger flows, which will soon be introduced at the Milan – Bergamo, Orio al Serio airport.

The company’s prerogative is to accept new exciting challenges every day, presenting innovative and sustainable projects.  Reco 3.26 has developed, for Leonardo spa, a technology that allows to carry out an automated analysis of fuselages defects on particular materials (such as carbon and aluminum) in Aerostructures Sector. For more details click here.

Reco 3.26 has developed other solutions, such as:

  • Easy Access > system that allows you to verify the identity of a person to authorize entry/exit from/to specific restricted areas;
  • Reco Smart Parking > solution for the control of vehicle access, through automatic recognition of number plates. It allows for intelligent management of car entrances and exits from unattended car parks using the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) algorithm;
  • Object Recognition > the system allows you to detect and report in real time the presence / removal of objects within a specific video surveillance area;
  • COVID-19 solutions > solutions like Reco Crowd Detection (to detect the density of aggregation of people and to report in real time the formation of a crowd or the presence of groups) and Reco People Counting (to count the number of people passing through a video surveillance area in both directions of travel)


Reco Face2Fly

Reco 3.26 offers a solution, called Face2Fly, for the management of passenger flow, through a biometric identification system, from check-in to the boarding gate, in a fully automated and seamless way. Solution for automated and seamless …

Entry Exit System – Self Service Kiosk

Reco 3.26 offers a solution for managing the Schengen external borders through a biometric identification system, which can be installed at airports and ports. The entry / exit system (EES) will allow the registration of travelers …

Facial Image Capture Totem

The "Facial Image Capture Totem" solution, designed and developed by Reco 3.26, is the result of a valuable research and experimentation work. The following are the benefits for the client of using the solution: Guarantee of …

People Access Control – Easy Access

The biometric access control solution, based on facial recognition, can be used to authorize a person to enter restricted areas and detect their presence. It’s also able to: Take body temperature Check the validity of the …


Central Office:
Via del Platano, 5
Castromediano, Cavallino (LE)
Office Milan:
Via Mario Pagano, 51
Milan, Italy
Office Rome:
Viale Luca Gaurico n. 91/93
Rome, Italy
Commercial Office (UK):
111 Park Street
Mayfair, London W1K 7JF
  • + 39 0832 349295