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Security Enhanced Entrance and Exit Lane Solutions for Airports

The largest manufacturer, installer and service provider of automated pedestrian doors in the UK, record uk has over 20 years’ experience providing security enhanced door systems and exit lane technology in airports.

record uk is part of the agta-record group, a global leader in Door Automation, operating in 18 countries, which has been designing, developing, building, selling, installing and maintaining automatic door systems for over 65 years.

During this length of time, record has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, resulting in a wide portfolio of products capable of filling the requirements of practically any entrance and budget.

Whether in functional applications such as escape routes, fire containment or separating two climate zones; or as a welcoming, grand entrance to airport terminals, whether functioning as a security interlock in sensitive areas, permitting one-way access only at departure gates or baggage re-claim or offering security-enhanced sliding doors, record makes all these options possible.

record uk’s enhanced security solutions for airports include:

  • Breach Control Systems
  • Bomb Blast Resistant Doors
  • Security Interlocking Systems

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  • Exit Lane Breach Control Systems

    The record FlipFlow Breach Control System, used in airports worldwide, is a cost efficient solution that significantly improves security, eliminates human error and enables airports to reduce costs by re-deploying security staff.

    Utilising a series of infrared sensors, the FlipFlow system maximises the flow of passengers without jeopardising controlled access or impeding pedestrian traffic, helping to create a more relaxed hassle free experience for passengers.

    Controlled and monitored centrally via a pc, website or smartphone using REALTIME management software, the FlipFlow System improves operational efficiency, as security staff can open/close units remotely to suit peak and off-peak periods.

    Inexpensive to operate and maintain, the FlipFlow exit lane system can integrate easily into existing entrance systems or corridors.

    The record FlipFlow SINGLE is a great space saver for breach control from baggage reclaim or to separate international gates from domestic gates whilst the TRIPLE or TWIN extended FlipFlow units are ideal solutions where security is a premium, for instance passengers travelling from airside (secure) to landside (non-secure).

  • Bomb Blast Resistant Doors

    It is an unfortunate fact of life that heightened levels of terrorism have made public places an easy target, in particular crowded places such as airports.

    record’s PROTECT EXV 25 Bomb Blast Resistant Doors have been designed to offer the highest level of security required in high risk areas without compromising on style or accessibility.

    Developed following a two-year programme in association with BAA on Bomb Blast Resistant Doors for Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, record PROTECT EXV 25 security enhanced doors have undergone specialist testing in accordance with GSA and ISO criteria, which equates to a 100kg TNT bomb at 45m and 25m distance and:

    • have the ability to withstand the blast overpressures associated with a vehicle bomb
    • provide protection from high velocity shards of glass being projected into an occupied area
    • remain a barrier to physical attack from intruders, after an attack
  • Security Doors To Control Personnel Access

    record’s R62 Security Interlock separates pedestrian traffic using sensors and triggers which operate the exit path only when parameters are met. These doors prevent so-called tailgating & piggybacking behaviours to provide a safe, secure and reliable access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas such as Staff Entrances at airports.

    Security interlocking with video monitoring for single access requires personal identification at the entrance or inside the interlock, ensuring access is only permitted to authorised personnel and provides the airport with an audit trail.


Exit Lane Breach Control Systems

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Bomb Blast Resistant Doors

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Security Interlock As Access Control System

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