Redak Consulting GmbH

Aviation Consulting and Training Provider

Redak Consulting GmbH are an aviation consulting & training provider equipped with more than 30 years of experience and contacts in many fields of aviation, the company was established in 2003.

Together with other aviation associate specialists in different disciplines of aviation we provide a network able to cope with different challenges and provide a wide range of services in the field of approval of organisations, equipment or in the area of aviation training.

Company Profile

  • Training:

    Well trained personnel are the basis of a well running organisation. Our organisation provides effective training in a number of different areas. Together with a specialised group of trainers we offer a number of trainings which have been used in the industry:

    • General ULD Training
    • Cargo Net Training
    • Part M – Continuing Airworthiness Management for Commercial Air Transport
    • Part 145 – Maintenance Organisations
    • Part 21 – Design and Production Organisation or Certification Training
    • Part 21 – Training for Operators
    • CS 23, 25, 27, 29, E – Certification of small/large Aircraft/Rotorcraft and Engines
    • Airport Operation, Management and Safety management
    • Air Traffic Management Service Training (ATM)
    • Part 21 EWIS – Certification of Changes to the Electrical
    • Part 21 EWIS – Certification of Changes to the Electrical Wiring System
    • Certification Workshops
    • Part 145/M – EWIS Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness handling of EWIS
    • Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Familiarisation/Awareness
    • SMS – Introduction to Safety Management Systems
    • Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Techniques
    • Development of Maintenance Programs
    • EAPAS Training (Fuel Tank, EWIS)
    • Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Introduction
    • EMAR-21, -145, -M Training

    We provide training at your premises wherever you are and all over the world.

  • Organisation Approval and Aircraft/Component Certification:

    We are able to support you to build up your own organisation and comply with the following aviation regulation:

    • Part M – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
    • Part 145 – Maintenance Organisation
    • Part 21 – Design Organisation, AP DOA and Production Organisation

    The support may start by getting acquainted with the rules, help you to apply the rule, support you to prepare the company exposition, guide your organisation through the approval process and help your organisation to continuously improve the quality system.

    Additionally we can provide you with the necessary documentation and authoring expertise to gain the approval. This includes but is not limited to the following company expositions and documents:

    CAME’s, MOE’s, POE’s, DOE’s, OAMP’s, MEL’s, etc. fitted to your aircraft or organisation.

    Our certification capability also includes the preparation of Aircraft Alterations and repairs and analysis of electrical modifications in regards to EWIS.

  • Airport Management and Air Traffic Management Systems:

    We provide first hand, first service support for Airport and Air Traffic Management Organisation.
    This service includes:

    • Management and Organisation consultancy
    • Financial Management support
    • Feasibility studies (financial, technical, organisational)
    • Airport Development and Infrastructure Design
    • Support in BOT (build – operate – transfer) projects and technical support and supervision of such projects
    • Support and establishment of the Security, Safety and Quality Management System of airports and ATMs
    • Airport Terminal Planning and Design
    • Managing Green Airports
    • Instrument Flight Procedure Design (PANS- OPS/RNP AR) in compliance with the ICAO PBN Concept
    • Airspace Management in compliance with the ICAO Airspace Classification Concept
    • Surveillance Solutions based mainly on alternative means e. g. MLAT
    • ATC Operational Issues
  • Quality Management:

    At the moment Redak Consulting is providing quality and auditing management and support for a number of Austrian and European operators. We can provide you with trained auditors to ensure the continued quality of your organisations procedures and products.

    Our experienced staff provides support in the area of:

    • Audit and Inspection Management
    • Event Reporting (hazard and incident reporting)
    • Corrective Action Tracking
    • Risk Management
    • Investigation Management
    • Document Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Training Tracking Management
  • Consulting:

    Other services provided contain:

    • Managing of an Organisations Change Process
    • Prepare independent Aircraft Evaluations
    • Import and Exports of Aircraft
    • Support your effort to operate and maintain aircraft
    • Provide at site support while your aircraft is undergoing Maintenance or Refurbishment
    • Feasibility studies

    Our knowledge in the different sectors of aviation (see our training courses) can also help you and your organisation, if you consult us.


Redak Consulting GmbH
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