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Reusable Mask Europe was incorporated at the start of the pandemic to offer cost effective, comfortable, antibacterial, quality protection to various sectors across Europe, and the UK. We also specialise in branded masks for any businesses that wish have their logo or marketing messages printed on masks. Branded masks are a great option for companies that want their staff to look like more of a team, compliment current uniforms, create brand awareness around their organisation, or to launch a marketing campaign. We have built a network of customers across Europe and the UK, and now have the scale to offer quality masks at competitive prices with quick shipping times. We can offer free shipping to Europe & the UK with low minimum order quantities. Similarly, we have the capacity to fulfil and ship large orders quickly and efficiently.

Sustainable option-cost per wear from €0.04
We focus on reusable masks as they are a far a more cost effective and sustainable option to single use surgical masks. Businesses can not only spend less this way, but far less waste is generated when choosing our reusable option compared to standard single use masks. Our 3 ply masks have been developed using materials following WHO advice and packaged and labelled following recommended guidelines. The cost per wear can be as low as €0.04.

The Founders- Pharmacist & Designer
We differentiate on price, quality, and comfort. Our co-founder, with a background in fashion and design incorporated various face shapes and sizes into the design process to create two different sized masks that caters for everyone. Co-founded by a pharmacist, Niall helped to carry out research on materials being used in poor quality masks that were being sold in pharmacies and causing skin irritation and conditions such as ‘maskne’. Polyurethane and spandex blends are typically used in these masks which are cheaper than cotton and polyester. These materials not only offer inferior filtration properties to cotton, or polycotton blends, but they are much more likely to contribute to chafing, irritation and ‘maskne’.

Get in touch!
Get in touch for any companies that require branded or plain masks that sit comfortably on the nose bridge, form a seal on the face that optimises protecting others, can be washed and reused at least 30 times, and won’t contribute to the growing problem of single use surgical mask waste. We can guarantee quality protection at competitive prices.


Reusable Barrier Mask

Our 3 ply reusable masks have been hugely popular across Europe. We have served various sectors including hospitality, construction, retail, healthcare, and aviation. From just €0.04 per wear, our 3 ply masks follow WHO guidelines …


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