Highly Experienced, Delivery Focussed Aviation IT and Technology Consultancy

Rheinberry is a unique U.K. based consultancy comprising a wide network of multi-discipline experts and professionals.

We are not a staffing company – we are delivery focussed, experienced, professional problem solvers with industry leading project and programme assurance and governance skills covering systems integration, business analysis, solutions and technical design and project and programme management.

And while our core focus is AVSEC IT and technology, our team have and can assist across multiple sectors and disciplines – bringing clarity about problems and helping your organisation drive the right solutions to deliver the intended benefits.

Our recent aviation and airport engagements include – delivering projects for UK and European aviation companies and airports involving Checked or Hold Baggage, Carry-on or Cabin Baggage, Passenger Security, Rail Infrastructure, Airport Retail and Online, Network Capacity/Storage and Strategic Sourcing.

Rheinberry has been working closely alongside industry leaders as a member of ACI Europe to create, propose and formalise security data standards, concepts and governance of Open Architecture since 2019. Rheinberry’s founder and Managing Director, is a co-author of ACI EUROPE’s Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems.Aviation IT and Technology Consultancy

Rheinberry can provide expert support, guidance and assurance for all things open architecture in the AVSEC space. Whether that’s assisting with the writing of cohesive open architecture requirements, analysis and scoring of tender responses or assisting your organisation identify the level of open architecture that is appropriate to the business model and then working with them to ensure the transformation is a success with wide ranging benefits. We work with your organisation’s internal teams to identify the benefits, solution and pathway to get there. 

Rheinberry is a Gold ACI World Business Partner and member of the British Aviation Group.

You can visit us at https://www.rheinberry.com/

Company News

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