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System solutions for every requirement

Every industry makes specific demands on the applications it uses. For the airport sector, Rittal – headquartered in Herborn, Germany – offers complete system solutions with the highest standards of robustness and functionality. As a leading global player Rittal provides solutions for enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure.

For example, this includes systems designed to withstand particular environmental conditions, such as temperatures and corrosion resistance. The solutions are drawn from the broad product diversity of Rittal’s standard range. Flexible combination options plus fast, off-the-shelf availability translate into significant time and money savings.

With its system platform “Rittal – The System.” which is complemented by extensive software tools and global service, the company creates a unique application value for the entire airport campus: from the terminal to the runway to air traffic control.

The wide range of products from the global market leader includes configurable enclosures, whose data is available throughout the entire production process. Intelligent Rittal cooling solutions, with up to 75 percent lower energy and carbon dioxide consumption requirements, can communicate with the production environment and enable predictive maintenance and service planning. Innovative IT solutions ranging from IT racks, modular data centres through to edge and hyperscale computing solutions also form part of the company’s portfolio.

Leading software providers Eplan and Cideon complement the value chain, providing interdisciplinary engineering solutions, while Rittal Automation Systems offer automation systems for switchgear construction. Rittal delivers within 24 hours in Germany – precisely as needed, flexibly and efficiently.

Founded in Herborn in 1961 and still run by its owner, Rittal is the largest company in the Friedhelm Loh Group. The Friedhelm Loh Group operates worldwide with 18 production sites and 80 international subsidiaries. The entire group employs more than 11,300 people and generated revenues of around €2.2 billion in 2016. In 2017, it was named one of Germany’s leading employers by the Top Employers Institute, for the ninth year running. Within the scope of a Germany-wide survey, Focus Money magazine identified the Friedhelm Loh Group as one of the nation’s best providers of vocational training for the second year in succession in 2017.

For more information: www.rittal.com or www.friedhelm-loh-group.com

Company Profile

  • Terminals: Complete reliability for smoothrunning operations

    In an airport terminal, high safety standards and absolute reliability are crucial. In order to facilitate smooth-running operations, Rittal supplies IT infrastructure components for power supply and safety in the terminal which will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. The same also applies to the product solutions for customer information systems. Tested at the Rittal research laboratories and manufactured in certified production facilities, they are sure to impress with their high-end quality and global availability. At the heart of every airport is a data centre, where all data are centrally and securely stored. Alongside standardised, ready-to-use, off-the-shelf products, Rittal also offers individually customised data centres, to meet every conceivable requirement.

  • Apron and runway: Exceptional efficiency, whatever the conditions

    On the apron and on the runway, the refuelling, lighting and safety installations are crucially important. Our outdoor and indoor systems are both safe and cost-efficient, even under extreme environmental influences. The optional climate-controlled outdoor enclosures from Rittal will withstand any weather, and are exceptionally durable, for long-term savings. They also offer exceptional protection against vandalism.

    The indoor enclosures are individually configured to your specifications, and compiled from an extensive portfolio of standard parts.

  • Flight safety: Always play it safe

    The use of radar technology to coordinate flight operations entails a large number of hardware and software applications to guarantee flight safety. As a supplier of complete server and network enclosures, including optional climate control, Rittal offers an extensive range of solution packages in this sector, which combine maximum reliability with outstanding efficiency. These are high-MTBF applications with a redundant design. Our RiMatrix series provides customers with a tool which is in use around the world, and is available with short lead times.

  • Rittal – The System. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

    With this in mind, Rittal have bundled innovative products in the field of enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure together into one system platform. The extensive range of software tools and global service give this platform a unique added value for all airport applications: from terminal, to runway and air-traffic control.

    Following our simple principle, “Faster – better – everywhere”, Rittal combines innovative products and efficient service to optimum effect.

    Faster – with “Rittal – The System.” range of modular solutions.

    System compatibility ensures efficient planning, assembly, conversion and commissioning.

    Better – by being quick to translate market trends into products.

    In this way, our innovative strength helps you to secure competitive advantages.

    Everywhere – with our global network:

    • 13 production facilities with almost 250,000 m2 production space globally
    • 58 subsidiaries
    • Around 90 warehouse facilities with over 180,000 pallet positions and more than
    • 260,000 m2 storage space worldwide


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