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RMG C3 Web-based Risk Management platform

RM-Group A/S is a Danish company, that since 1999, has offered operational Risk Management solutions to companies. The web-based platform RMG C3 was originally designed to be used by airlines, which is why it is based on being able to meet the demands of a ‘risk management world.’

Our mission is to ensure an acceptable level of risk through focus on people in the organization. A focus when people are:

  • During transport – car, bus, train, ship or airplane
  • in buildings – schools, sports facilities, hospitals, offices, industry, etc.
  • or as a simple person – when a knowledge through course or education is required.

This must be done through what we call – offensive risk management – where it is the companies – private as public – taking risks that are successful.

We do this by helping our customers navigate through the abnormal conditions that are ahead of them. By using the right navigation systems, chances are that it will succeed.

And in RM-Group we take responsibility for the process. We make sure it works! – from the analysis of the chosen Risk Management strategy and program to training, implementation, control and measurement as well as ongoing audit and customization.

RMG stands for RM-Group (RM stands for Risk Management).

C3 stands for

  • Command:decide what actions are to be implemented – when and by whom – and have what you need to be able to intervene while a situation develops.
  • Control:control the situation that has emerged on the basis of established assessments. This ensures that things develop as expected.
  • Communication:communicate decisions to all involved parties in a simple and efficient way. This is possible in the preliminary phase as well as continually as a situation develops – both internally and externally.

RMG C3 has been adjusted and changed a great deal since 2002. The platform is now increasingly a part of daily operation with all the functions that a company needs, and there is a focus on simplicity and interaction. For this reason, 3 C might also stand for Cooperation, Coordination and Communication.

RM-Group has a strong historic in developing risk management solutions to our customer. Our solution is used by customer within the airport industry, fire preparedness, municipalities, universities, public and private companies in different industries

Learn more about RM-Group at: www.rm-group.dk

Company Profile

  • RMG C3 Web-based Risk Management platform

    RMG C3 is a system for daily operations and as Emergency Response, and a notification system, which enables stakeholders to gain access to up-to-the minute information to minimize the cost and impact of daily operation, incidents and crisis.

    Decision makers log into RMG C3 from a PC, an iPad or a smart phone, which ensures communication in the company and assess the situation and thereby make informed decisions.

    RMG C3 team members use the system to share documents, photos, update progress status, and gain the latest instruction for bringing the issue under control.

    RMG C3 makes it easy to instantly and simultaneously to convey critical notifications to many individuals via phone, email, SMS or RISK App. The main features of the system are:

    • Emergency Notificationfacilitate critical information distribution through landline, mobile phones, emails, and SMS.
    • Incident managementincident detection, tracking, communication and management in order to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible.
    • Crisis Managementmanaging crisis whether internal or external (outside the organization) that threatens the general public in one or more geographic places, or the organization.
    • Business ContinuityThe creation and validity of a logistical plan for how an organization will recover and restore interrupted critical functions in the event of a disaster.
    • Conference Call – A simple and effective tool for creating the virtual crisis room. Easy notification to everyone in the crisis group – wherever they are in the world.
    • Mass Communication – An intelligent one-way or two-way communication that make instant contact in crisis or at planned events.


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