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Airport Baggage Handling Systems, EDS Installation & Integration

Robson Handling Technology undertake turnkey Airport Baggage Handling Systems, EDS Installation & Integration projects on a worldwide basis. We can undertake projects from the initial feasibility stage right through to full turnkey installation of the Airport Baggage Handling System & EDS Integration. International projects can be done on a full turnkey basis or by providing technical supervision to oversee the installation phase of the project.

Founded in 1906, we have over 110 years of experience, delivered over 400 baggage handling projects worldwide and installed over 200 EDS machines.

Limited space in airport terminals means innovative airport baggage handling systems are required to ensure passenger baggage throughput can be future proofed whilst maximising retail space for the airport. From check in to make-up and through to arrivals, our engineers are some of the most experienced in the airport industry and our airport baggage handling systems are designed to make effective use of the limited space available.

Effective design ensures that the final baggage handling system accurately tracks passenger baggage from check in to the aircraft in a time critical manner using state of the art controls. Furthermore the system and the conveying equipment need to be reliable, durable & energy efficient.

Robson Handling Technology have our own inhouse site installation team who are world leaders working in the demanding live operations environment of an airport. The site installation phasing plans are put together in close co-operation with the airport to minimise disruption to ongoing airport operations. Our teams have extensive experience of EDS installation & integration and have installed EDS machines in some of the tightest spaces possible.

Located in our home of over 100 years in Sheffield, UK, we have an extensive range of baggage handling equipment renowned for quality, reliability & durability. Our expertise is used in some of the busiest airports across the globe including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Hong Kong International and John F Kennedy.

Our product portfolio includes;

  • Outbound Systems – Check in – Scanning – Sortation – Make Up
  • Inbound Systems – Flat & Inclined Carousels/Claim Units
  • Low Level Controls – Smart Line Distributed or Centralised Architectures
  • High Level Controls – SAC & SCADA

Airport Departures Systems

Robson Handling Technology designs and supplies fully integrated airport departures systems, from passenger check-in through to flight make-up, installing and integrating the latest technologies, thereby ensuring compliance to the latest International and Standard 3 EDS equipment.

Our airport departure systems are specifically designed to provide fully automated, safe, reliable and efficient Hold Baggage processing systems, ensuring bags are processed in an optimal manner, supporting a seamless passenger journey enhancing the experience of airport travel.

Our aim is to meet the increasing automation demands of any airport worldwide, by providing fully integrated systems, taking bags from check-in through mandatory processing, final sortation and delivery to the designated flight make-up position.

Robson provide fully integrated end-to-end solutions based on them being safe, reliable and efficient.

Airport Arrivals Systems

Robson Handling Technology provides a range of airport arrivals systems and baggage reclaim systems ensuring compliance to the latest International Standards

Our airport arrivals systems provide a fully automated conveyor systems from the baggage handler loading the baggage onto the feed conveyor, through to a baggage screening machine on a flat or inclined re-circulation carousel.

The baggage carousel is designed to integrate within the arrivals baggage hall environment of the airport, with an ergonomic design and an aesthetically pleasing Stainless Steel finish.

It is our aim to ensure all our baggage handling carousels provide flexibility, reliability, and efficiency, as well as being easy to maintain.

Providing an endless surface where baggage can be displayed for reclaim or make-up, our robustly constructed and flexible design delivers maximum safety and user friendly features.

A durable, modular system provides a combination of straight and radiused sections to enable complete flexibility to accommodate the available space within the airport.


Check-in systems

Robson Handling Technology provide a complete range of airport check-in system options. From conventional staffed check-in desks and bag-drop kiosks to fully self-service Bag Tag and Bag Drop units, including an option to deploy remote Bag Tagging …

Flat and Inclined Carousels

Robson Handling Technology offers both Flat / Inclined airport carousels for make-up and reclaim areas. Both provide an endless surface, robustly constructed and flexible in design. We deliver maximum safety and user friendly features in galvanised, …

Baggage Belt Conveyors

The ultimate baggage belt conveyor for speed, reliability and efficiency is available from Robson Handling Technology to meet the needs of the most challenging airport sites and surroundings. Our baggage handling conveyors are constructed from a …

Control Systems, Software & SCADA

Robson Handling Technology offer some of the most advanced and efficient baggage control systems on the market. Our team of experts specialize in the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of these state-of-the-art systems, utilizing the latest …

Baggage Cart Conveyor System

At Robson Handling Technology, our baggage cart conveyors allow for greater flexibility when it comes to automatically moving slugs of 25-30 carts within the airport, between airside and landside, or between floors from Departure to …

Scan, Design, Simulate & Emulate

At Robsons Handling Technology, we understand how important it is to de-risk site installation. That’s why we provide 3D laser scanning of new sites and 3D overlay of new system designs as early as possible …

Airport 24/7 Callout, Maintenance & Service Contracts & System Health Checks

Robson Handling Technology 24/7 Callout, Maintenance & Service Contracts & System Health checks provide preventative maintenance to airport departure and arrivals systems. With ongoing support, which includes spares, services and maintenance, our maintenance packages are tailored …

Upgrading your Existing Systems

Is your existing system running efficiently? At Robson Handling Technology we offer a full existing system review which identifies any problem items and advises where the system and equipment can be enhanced or upgraded to ensure …


At Robson Handling Technology, we have the expertise to undertake installation contracts with Airports which includes our de-risking installation service.   Our de-risking installation service is made up of many years of experience in installing Baggage Handling …


Using the latest software and technologies at Robson Handling Technology means we are de-risking and reducing Site Commissioning for our clients. With our experience in commissioning Baggage Handling Systems and EDS machines within live Operational …

Cargo Systems

Robson Handling Technology are pleased to be Collaborators, delivery Partners, and Systems Integrators of SACO Cargo Handling Equipment, within the UK and Ireland providing state-of-the-art cargo handling solutions designed to streamline cargo handling operations and …

Cargo Equipment (SACO)

Solving your Cargo handling challenges... As air traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace of 8% per year, and even up to 20% in some regions, the demand for air cargo transportation is also on …

TISABAS™ compact motorized folding conveyor system

TISABAS™ A compact motorized folding conveyor system that goes into the aircraft belly and mechanically moves baggage and cargo. Optimal Cargo & Baggage Handling Solution Prioritizing Injury Prevention, Reducing Cost and Time Robson Handling Technology are pleased …

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Robson Handling Technology providing system integration, products and services for multiple industries since 1906...

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Robson Handling Technology working collaboratively with airports worldwide

Providing baggage handling systems, integrating the latest technologies...Robson Airport Baggage Handling systems for all areas: • Departures • Arrivals • Out of Gauge • Cargo • Landside and Airside 

What do Robson Handling Technology Offer?

Robson have been working in collaboration with clients since 1906 Providing conveyor systems, products and services for multiple industries... 

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