Ronalt Limited

Airport Operations & Training

Ronalt Limited is a Global Airport Operations Company, providing operational consultancy, support and training to International Airports, the Aviation and Security industries.

Our Department for Transport Approved (DfT) Management Team and Trainers have considerable international experience, with an unsurpassed reputation for successfully delivering training solutions across the whole airport operation and security environments.

Our world class personnel have worked at the highest levels of industry, delivering to Stakeholders, the Board, Senior Operational teams, and very importantly improving the experience of your Passengers and Customers.

Our Service and Support activities include:

  • Operational Training
  • Security Training
  • Operational Readiness
  • Career Development Programmes
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Mentoring and Management Support
  • Audit / Monitoring
  • Project Management and provision of project teams
  • Retail and Commercial Solutions

Company Profile

  • Airport Training Programmes

    The training programmes we develop, supply and deliver are tailored to the individual airport or operational facility wherever this maybe in the world and take account of cultural and language requirements.

    For example in China the training programme is known as ChinaRoseTraining™ and is delivered in English and Mandarin as appropriate.

    Courses typically follow a three stage structure of:

    • Theory, usually Class Room Based
    • Practical, in the Airport Operation with hands on work experience
    • Mentoring and Individual Reviews

    Delegates who attend or undertake our courses will receive course handouts and on successful completion will receive individual reviews, updated training records and a certificate.

    As part of the scheme we also give a badge of success.

    We offer a wide range of courses including but not limited to:

    • Auditing / Monitoring for Supervisors
    • Security
    • Customer Service
    • Disability Awareness – Special Needs
    • Train the Trainer
    • Health & Safety
    • Conflict Management
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Telephone Bomb Threat
    • Hold Baggage Operations


  • Airport Security Training

    Worldwide one of the two key areas that come under most scrutiny is Security. Our trainers are accredited by the DfT and are very experienced in the whole aspect of Security Operations.

    We are able to cover all required legislative courses from Manager level through to the terminal floor. We are also able to modify or develop any other type of course you may require to fit your operation.

    A sample of security courses we undertake are:

    • Ground Security Operatives
    • Ground Security Supervisors
    • Operational Airport Management
    • Body Scanners
    • Recognition of Firearms, Explosives & Incendiary Devices
    • X-Ray Training – theory & practical on the job
    • National X-Ray Competency Test (NXCT)
    • General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)
    • Liquid Screening Process Training
    • Aircrew training
    • Cargo training
    • Dangerous Goods
    • Triple AAA – Authorisation & Accounting
    • Equipment training


  • Customer Service

    The other key area is Customer Service. With our internationally experienced management team and trainers, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with cultural diversity, passenger needs, language and all that this entails.

    Sensitivity to passenger needs, dealing with conflict and managing the passenger experience is very important.

    Typical courses include:

    • General Customer Service
    • Disability Awareness
    • Special Needs
    • Conflict Management
    • Cultural Awareness


  • Additional Services

    Along with all our standard training services we undertake a number of support services to ensure that any training we deploy is effective and meets your operational needs.  Usually we start with Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to determine where we can be of most benefit and to highlight areas which you may need further support on.

    Increasingly guidance and help is required for the professional development of airport staff, so we are well versed in the development and implementation of Career Development Programs.

    We also:

    • Design of Operational Readiness Programs
    • Perform quality and audit reviews of facilities
    • Undertake business process engineering
    • Develop and design Career Development programs
    • Develop staff coaching programs
    • Undertake compliance and regulatory reviews
    • Plan and implement complex tasks – Logistics
    • Undertake business continuity analysis, design and implementation
    • Project manage


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