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Aircraft Hangars and Airport Buildings

Rubb is a leading manufacturer of temporary and permanent fabric engineered helicopter hangars, aircraft hangars and airport buildings, air cargo facilities and ground support buildings.

These specialist and custom designed aviation structures have a proven track record in delivering fast, flexible and cost effective solutions to many airlines, airports and military organisations across the globe.

Company Profile

  • Helicopter Hangars, Aircraft Hangars and Airport Buildings

    Rubb is a leading manufacturer of temporary and permanent fabric engineered helicopter hangars, aircraft hangars, air cargo facilities and ground support buildings.

    These specialist and custom designed aviation structures have a proven track record in delivering fast, flexible and cost effective solutions to many airlines, airports and military organisations across the globe.

    Advantages include rapid erection, low cost and the ability to relocate the hangar, terminal or air cargo facility anywhere in the world.

    Rubb helicopter hangars, fixed wing aircraft shelters, air cargo and terminal aviation buildings provide a functional space for commercial and military helicopters, aircraft, air cargo storage and temporary or permanent air terminal expansion.

    Rubb has provided hangar solutions to the UK Royal Air Force for the last 30 years and more recently has manufactured facilities for the Canadian and US military. All are built to withstand harsh conditions in areas of conflict with many recent applications deployed in Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile many major commercial airlines use Rubb aviation structures for repair, maintenance and storage at airports across the United States.

    The hot dip galvanised structural frame and exterior cladding system minimises lifetime maintenance costs. In addition, the fire performance of the PVC membrane allows for flexibility in optimising fire suppression systems to provide greater protection for aircraft within the hangar.

    Helicopter Hangars, Aircraft Hangars and Airport Buildings
  • Rubb Helicopter and Aircraft Hangars

    Rubb helicopter and aircraft membrane clad hangars provide major advantages over other structures. They can be cost effectively extended, reduced in size or even relocated to another site in response to changing logistical requirements.

    Even the largest aircraft hangars can be air freighted in sections. Factory prefabricated modules can be handled without the need for heavy lift capability which is usually needed for a building of this size.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Multiple door arrangements are available, from electrically operated multi-sectioned sliding doors to folding doors, to our latest innovation – the Heli-Door – which is offered with our Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range for military use.
    • Translucent roofs provide natural light creating a better working environment and controlling operational costs.
    • Fabric structures offer greater flexibility in the ease of expansion and creativity in design. Rubb buildings are perfect for airport/aircraft hangars that need to be both architecturally pleasing and operationally efficient.
    • Clear Span Buildings offer the maximum usable floor space.
    • Efficient and quick construction makes Rubb aircraft hangars more affordable. Pre-engineering and pre-fabricating the structure off site minimises the negative impact associated with any on site construction project. Start times for interior work are also facilitated more quickly.
    • Helicopter and fixed wing aircraft hangars can be resold, relocated and reused. They are factory prefabricated and are easily erected using basic tools and appropriate lifting gear.

    Hangars, Airport Cargo Buildings and Air Freight Storage Facilities

    Rubb air cargo and air freight buildings provide flexible and relocatable air cargo storage facilities for commercial airlines and air freight services worldwide.

    Air cargo handling operations that vary from hour to hour and day to day require a high level of design flexibility, especially when freight items can range from fresh flowers and tropical fruit to computer components and exotic cars – and Rubb has the ideal solution.

    These diverse air cargoes must be unloaded, reorganised and reshipped as quickly as possible or sometimes held for days. Rubb’s signature wide span buildings offer the space and excellent lighting to help our clients identify, code and track air cargo shipments.

    Airport Cargo Buildings
  • Rubb Aviation Buildings

    Relocatable Aviation Buildings, Temporary Airport Terminal Buildings, Long Term Airport Terminal Buildings

    Rubb Aviation Buildings provide a flexible solution for expanding airport terminal requirements.

    The consolidation of airline routes has put pressure on larger airports to service a higher volume of passengers. With immediate demand, airports cannot wait for expensive and time consuming traditional construction methods.

    Rubb temporary and long-term airport terminal buildings help airports meet short term demands while providing long term value.

    Rubb Aviation Buildings
  • Rubb Hangars

    Rubb Military Helicopter Hangars and Fixed Wing Aircraft Hangars

    Rubb’s EFASS (Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System) is uniquely suitable for housing military helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and designed to be rapidly deployed and erected anywhere in the world. This proven system can also be adapted to suit civil aviation needs.

    With innovative and unmatched relocatable fabric engineered buildings in action across the globe, Rubb has the ideal solution to military application needs.

    Advantage points:

    • The complete EFASS range packs into 20ft ISO containers and can be airlifted into theatre.
    • Spans are available from 11m to 25m
    • Multiple state-of-the-art door types including Trident, Heli and Roller Shutter options
    • Roof mounted twin track crane for optimal operational capability
    Rubb’s EFASS

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