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For more than 80 years, SABA has been a producer of high-quality adhesives and sealants for industrial and building applications.

One of SABA’s specialties is the production and development of high-performance sealants for pavement constructions at airports, such as joints in runways, taxiways, tank pits, de-icing platforms and washing facilities. SABA’s objective is to support clients in reducing costs and creating a high-quality joint construction.

Furthermore, the time available for maintenance has become more limited over the past few years. SABA reacted to this by offering products for sealing airport pavement constructions that have a significantly longer service life, are fast to apply, easy to repair and require little maintenance.

Whatever you produce or whichever projects you carry out, you set high standards for the adhesives and sealants that you use. SABA develops and produces high-quality, innovative adhesives and sealants for construction and industry. SABA is your partner in the field of professional adhesives and sealants. With our knowledge of bonding and sealing, we are happy to help you optimise your processes, so that you produce better and more sustainable end-products or projects in a safe and efficient way, and at lower total costs and therefore, achieve a strong competitive position.

Company Profile

  • Airport Pavement Constructions Sealing Products

    Did you know our sealants will last for two decades or more? That’s at least until 2035!

    The most important product for airports is SABA Sealer Field. This sealant has an exceptionally high resistance to chemicals such as oils, fuels and de-icing agents resulting in a reduced danger of Foreign Object Damage (FOD).

    The high polysulphide content of SABA Sealer Field (30%, mixed product) ensures unsurpassed long-term performance with an expected service life of 20 years or more (references available). It is very difficult to achieve the same result with products with lower polysulphide content or products based on polyurethane.

    In addition, SABA Sealer Field has a high UV resistance, self-levelling properties, a temperature resistance from -50 up to +120ËšC and an optimal adhesion (using a primer) to steel, concrete and asphalt concrete. The product complies with SS-S 200E and EN 14188-2 class A, B, C and D, is CE certified and has European Technical Approval (ETA).

  • High Quality Adhesives and Sealants for Airports

    Long-term performance at the world’s major airports provides the proof.

    SABA Sealer Field can be found all over the world, from countries with an extremely hot climate to countries where the temperature is far below zero.

    SABA has an extensive reference list of projects, such as national and international airports in Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands, Senegal and Suriname.

    One impressive reference project is the Russian Yamal peninsula in north-west Siberia, where SABA Sealer Field has been successfully used for many years. The Yamal peninsula consists mainly of permafrost.

    The climate on the island is very extreme and the temperature varies from -50 °C to +20 °C. Estimated gas reserves of over 30 billion m³ mean that this is a region of great significance to Russia. The infrastructure, including the concrete roads, airport, and railway, is very important.

  • High-Performance Sealants for Airports

    The foundation for the infrastructure is very unstable due to the soil conditions. This, in combination with the enormous temperature differences (delta T), means that the sealant is subject to stringent requirements.

    Due to the extreme climatic conditions, the sealant can only be applied during the 2 summer months. SABA Sealer Field can be applied relatively quickly and efficiently with the aid of the correct application equipment.

    After application, its special product properties ensure that SABA Sealer Field continues to function well in this extreme situation.

  • Development of Airport High-Performance Sealants

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