SafeSmart Aviation

Portable Height Access Equipment for Aviation

SafeSmart Aviation is a designer and manufacturer of maintenance stands, platforms, and specialised ladders and stairs for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality standards and custom-designed access equipment to a wide range teams within the aviation industry. As a leader in MRO safety, provide the perfect solution, from aircraft access platforms, through to specialised scaffolding-based systems for full-surround work areas.

Our platforms are independently engineered and certified to relevant aviation and OH&S standards. In fact, we are fully committed to go beyond all safety regulations to ensure the safety of your workers. And many of our custom designs—tailored to perfectly-fit the contours of any aircraft to reduce overreaching and fatigue—are designed and manufactured in-house, for a close eye on quality control.

Using materials such as marine grade aluminium, our mobile maintenance stands, platforms and ladders are strong yet lightweight, and easy to move around, bringing additional productivity and safety to the work area.

We work closely with MRO companies, airlines and other aviation operators to make sure that we are always in touch with latest developments in aircraft manufacture.

All SafeSmart clients have experienced an increase in productivity and safety when deploying our products. You can benefit in the same way: contact our team today.

Company Profile

  • Helicopter Maintenance Stands and Platforms

    SafeSmart Aviation have developed many helicopter maintenance stands for leading brand manufacturers such as Eurocopter, Robinson, Sikorsky and Bell.

    We have an in-house team of engineers and designers who can develop any platform project, from the conceptual stage to manufacture and delivery. SafeSmart work with significant clients from defence departments, emergency services, civil aviation and private and charter operators.

    All our platforms are made from heavy duty T6 marine grade aluminium. Full guardrails and toe boards are integrated into our systems. With anti-slip properties the platforms can be used in any weather conditions including rain, ice and snow.

    Stairs allow operators to easily walk up and down carrying tools, spare parts or other equipment. And large deck surfaces accommodate ease of working—tool storage and more—whilst in operation. We can also incorporate a height adjustable platform into a design, allowing the same unit to be used on several different aircraft or at different points of one aircraft.

  • Aircraft Platform for Fixed Wing Aircraft

    We supply a vast range of access solutions for fixed wing aircraft, to a variety of clients such as United, WestJet, Delta, Qantas, dnata, Jetstar and the US Air Force. With each aircraft, we design platforms, steps and ladders around the dimensions and contours of the aircraft, so workers can gain close, safe access without damaging the aircraft skin.

    SafeSmart also creates customised solutions for pedestrian access, such as cabin and passenger access stairs.

    With marine grade T6 aluminium, and in-house design and manufacturing, you can be assured quality and stability with every product. We bring added efficiency and safety to the hangar, ramp and flight line.

  • Aircraft Docking Systems

    Complete aircraft docking systems for some of the world’s largest aircraft.

    Our team have designed a range of docking solutions to suit different aircraft requirements, including this example package for the C-130 Hercules aircraft. Many systems are built on a versatile Proscaf ring lock scaffold system, which created heavy duty steel base on which to build an easier-to-handle aluminium system. The structure can be used as a sub-platform workshop or storage area, under its deck and clear span truss beams.

    SafeSmart also provides custom mobile platforms for the nose and tail, as well as cabin door access, to ensure the aircraft can be moved in and out of the hangar, minimising time and effort.

    A custom-shaped deck area with rails provides unobstructed access to the wings without the need for harnesses and traditional fall protection lines.

    We are the first in the world to supply a completely ‘flat packed’ docking system, which allows operators to easily pack up and redeploy their work platforms, even to remote non-hangar sites, such as those used in the military field.

  • Mobile Access Stands

    SafeSmart has a range of stands and platforms which cater for a variety of different applications.

    In this range is the EasyRaise Platform, the perfect solution to for all the difficult areas to reach. The cantilever length increases as the height of the platform is adjusted, giving you unparalleled access, particularly over curved noses and fuselage sections.

    And the Super Maintenance Platform has been constructed to be a mobile and easy unit to deploy. The large platform with a 225kg SWL is an ideal solution for a two-man team to carry out work. Coming complete with anti-puncture foam-filled wheels makes it a versatile and easy operation just one man.

    Our Warthog Platform Ladder is another key part of any aviation maintenance team. With its 10-year wear and tear guarantee the fully welded platform ladder, it will never let you down. Ranging from heights of 0.6m up to a 3m platform, the 180kg weight rated frame gives repair and maintenance teams the flexibility and assurance that no other platform ladder ever will. The option of spring-loaded and lockable wheels adds extra mobility.


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