Aircraft Engines and Equipment and Security Solutions

A world-renowned industrial concern, Safran supplies aircraft engines and equipment to all main producers of civil and military airplanes and helicopters. Our wide range of engines and systems is anchored in proven technological skills and expertise, and the use of innovative materials.

Safran’s propulsion systems meet all the requirements of airplane and helicopter manufacturers: performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. To meet these demanding standards, Safran takes charge of all aspects of its engines and equipment, from research, design, development and testing, to production, sales and support.

In addition to our well-known engines, Safran makes a wide range of aircraft systems and equipment, including nacelles and thrust reversers, landing systems, wheels and brakes, wiring, power transmissions and more.

In addition, Safran is a leading supplier of navigation and other avionics systems, which enhance flight management and safety.

Safran has always focused on continuous improvement and industrial performance to ensure the quality and reliability of its engines and equipment. Our approach is based on comprehensive engineering solutions, plus a dedicated in-house consulting firm. Safran Consulting offers expert services to Safran and its customers, worldwide.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Engines and Nacelles

    Airplane and helicopter turbine engines, as well as nacelles, are all centers of excellence at Safran. Our expertise in these fields makes Safran a preferred partner to today’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

    Safran offers powerful, innovative and reliable propulsion solutions for virtually all segments of the civil aviation market, from regional and business jets to mainline commercial jets – solutions that meet customer requirements now and for the foreseeable future. Going forward, we continue to focus on reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and developing more environmentally-friendly solutions across the board.

    The nacelle is an integral part of jet engines. It is in fact a complex system that optimizes airflows and protects the engine. In addition, it helps reduce noise and contributes to aircraft braking, via the integrated thrust reversers. As a designer and builder of nacelles, Safran offers a product range tailored to all types of aircraft.

    Safran also makes turbine engines for all types of helicopters, light, medium or heavy, civil or military. All of today’s major manufacturers (Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Finmeccanica Helicopters, Avic Helicopters, Russian Helicopters, etc.) have chosen gas turbine engines from the world leader in this market, because of our engines’ unrivaled performance in terms of fuel consumption, reliability and environmental footprint.

  • Engine Equipment

    Safran is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment for both civil and military airplane engines, and helicopter turbine engines. Offering outstanding performance, our systems and equipment include: power transmissions, lubrication and cooling components and assemblies, engine control units and filtration components.

    The power transmission, also known as the accessory gearbox, is a mechanical device that taps part of the engine’s power to drive essential systems for both the aircraft (electric and hydraulic) and its engines (oil, fuel and electric).

    The world leader in power transmissions, Safran equips more than 35,000 engines in service, totaling over 850 million flight-hours.

    Our innovative solutions have been chosen by the world’s leading engine-makers: CFM International* (CFM56, LEAP), Rolls-Royce (Trent 500, 700, 800, Trent XWB and BR700, 710, 715 et 725), Europrop International** (TP400 turboprop for the A400M), and Snecma (M88 for the Rafale).

    Safran is a major player in the civil aviation market, as a supplier of lubrication and cooling system components for jet engines. With some 35,000 components and subassemblies and 40 years of experience, we now hold a 75% share of the single-aisle commercial jet market.

  • Avionics

    Building on over 50 years of experience, Safran offers advanced avionics solutions and services. Our globally recognized expertise is applied to the civil aviation sector (airplanes and helicopters), mainly as a supplier of navigation, flight control and onboard information systems.

    Advanced avionics technologies give today’s pilots operational support, flexibility and accuracy, while also guaranteeing optimum flight safety. These systems offer a broad range of applications:

    • Commercial airplanes: onboard information, maintenance aid, landing aid, engine control.
    • Civil helicopters: flight control, flight control suites, autopilots, observation systems.
    • Commercial airplanes and civil helicopters: inertial navigation, data processing and transmission, flight control, autopilots, flight data recorders, aircraft situation tracking systems.
  • Security - Access Control Systems

    One of Safran’s primary goals is to make life safer and easier for everybody. To meet this goal, we offer identity management, identification, and hazardous substance detection systems, along with the management of digital identity and smart transactions.

    Boarding a plane, crossing a border, attending a public event, making an online purchase… in a world that is more mobile and digital than ever, security has never been so vital.

    Applications invented by Safran meet the security needs of people, businesses and nations. Here are just a couple of the most innovative solutions:

    • Morpho 3D Face Reader™: a facial recognition terminal, operating instantaneously and reliably for quick, contactless access control.
    • Morpho IAD™: a terminal that simultaneously captures images of a person’s irises and face. An excellent solution for border checks, passenger controls in airports, and the surveillance of high-value sites.

    Safran is the world leader in multibiometric identification technologies and a major player in explosive detection systems, smart cards and road safety devices.


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