SAIFOR - Innovations Labs & Manufacturers S.L.

Custom-made High-tech Solutions for Control and Crisis Rooms. Design and Manufacture of Specialized Furniture

SAIFOR-IL&M S.L. is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of custom-made high-tech solutions to Control Rooms and Data Centers.

We’re a company part of JAGUAR DE MEXICO Business Group, founded in 1997 and leader in Mexico with more than 20 years of experience in design and technological innovation.

IL&M S.L. has acquired SAIFOR with the clear and ambitious objective of continuing the business efforts and the quality of its products, bringing all of the experience and tech innovation of JAGUAR DE MEXICO Business Group.

This new business project allowed us to merge two mechanical metal factories with more than 20,000 m2, located in Barcelona and Mexico City, with more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of technological solutions for the Data Center industry, the Telecommunications sector, Specialized Furniture for control rooms, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Our production headquarters are located in Barcelona. We have a team of engineers in Barcelona and Mexico City, highly qualified in the design area and supported by the R + D + I department, which allows us to solve any technical and mechanical needs as well as study new ideas, allowing us to be at the forefront of innovation.

Company Profile

  • Control Room Solutions

    At SAIFOR-IL&M S.L. we believe that any working space needs to be flexible enough to support all kinds of work load and also be suitable to the changing technology needs. Our technology innovations and control room solutions are scalable, flexible and high performance, which allows us to adapt every solution in the use and renewal of any space and granting its optimal performance.

    The accuracy of our technical furniture gives the operators the right tools to work more effectively.

    Our range of control room solutions goes from custom-made storages to multi-functional furniture, height-adjustable tables to modular ones, mobile and storage systems. All our products are specifically designed to give the perfect solution for meeting a demanding working environment needs.

    SAIFOR-IL&M S.L. has been manufacturing control room solutions for more than 30 years, so it has the necessary knowledge to offer quality solutions.  From design and installation to project or facility management, we can help create and maintain the high performance control room you envision. Our consoles are specially designed for having a total control of the environment and optimizing the functionality of the control room.

  • Control Room Consoles

    In SAIFOR-IL&M S.L we conceive and manufacture tailored suits and boards that allow the perfect synergy between productivity and welfare, with a special focus on ergonomics and environment control, in order to meet the needs of the most demanding work environments.

    Our portfolio of Control Room Consoles include:

    • VDS, the console of the future
    • WideStar, boost your productivity and improve your health while working.
    • WideStar 24/7, born to have a constant load of work 365x24x7.
    • ATC, designed to be applied in specific environments, such as air traffic control.
  • Meeting & Crisis Rooms

    SAIFOR-IL&M S.L is capable of creating the most impressive custom-made solution to any meeting or crisis room. There are no limits in the design of room or in the design of the suitable tables which fulfil the operational needs of these spaces.

  • Cable Management System

    All of our technical furniture and solutions provide a cable management system, which allows having an easy access to data, power, video and USB ports connectors, meeting the needs of the most demanding work environments.


ATC Console

Our ATC console—specifically conceived for air traffic control environments— has a precise design with a structure designed to achieve perfect control over work equipment and viewing angles. It offers two configurations, with a fixed and adjustable …

VDS Console

VDS was conceived to allow a perfect synergy between creativity, comfort and excellent usability. The VDS console adapts the working area and transforms it into a more efficient environment. The modularity and flexibility of its design …

WideStar 24/7 Console

Widestar 24×7 is created to cover the necessities of companies that have a constant load of work 365x24x7. The adjustable sit/stand height enables to change position (sitting or standing) without leaving your workstation. Sit/stand mechanism: Our body …

WideStar Console

WideStar is a highly durable and resistant console, specifically conceived for demanding working environments Its modular and flexible design, allows an easy configuration and enlargement if there is any distribution change in the room. WideStar allows reconfiguring …


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