Saipher ATC

Software and Solutions for Air Traffic Control and Management

Saipher ATC is a Brazilian company specialized in the development and commercialization of software and solutions for Air Traffic Control and Management (ATC/ATM).

The Saipher ATC systems are in use in more than 150 Brazilian aerodromes, covering from the AFIS stations operated by just one controller to international airports with intense movement, as well as air bases and other specific missions.

In a worldwide scale, our systems of electronic strips for control towers are the most widely used, controlling and managing daily thousands of landings and take-offs.

In tune with the new market needs, and within its view of constant evolution, the Saipher ATC Company has developed its second generation of systems for air traffic control and management.

The TATIC® – Total Air Traffic Information Control – Solution gathers a set of systems that elevate the quality of air traffic control and management services, providing increments in performance, efficiency and security. Based on the CDM – Collaborative Decision Making – Solution, its modules operate within an environment of interaction and availability of data, offering in real time critical information for traffic management and decision making.

The TATIC® Solution supports a high degree of personalization, which allows for it to fit to different operation environments and work flows, independent of the complexity and simultaneity of the operations.

The TATIC® Solution proposal is the complete fitting to the operational conditions of each client. This way, the IHM – Man Machine Interface – can be configured through elements such as screen and strip layouts, and form and context for information exhibition.

This elevated level of commitment with the client was reached through the constant investment in research and technology. For over 15 years, the company has been consolidating its performance in the development of solutions and in the elaboration and execution of projects, within international standards of quality and security.

The implementation of the Saipher systems is part of an extensive project, where the optic of requirements presented by the client, the best system and equipment configurations, as well as the best fit services for each one of the modules that compose the TATIC® Solution are analyzed.

Performing in different air traffic control and management segment, Saipher ATC developed solutions for the ATC/ATM areas, airports, invoicing, researches, statistics, monitoring the traffic situation in real time and Air Traffic Flow Management and Planning (ATFM).

Company Profile

  • Installed Systems

    In 1997 Saipher ATC installed the first of its systems, called SGTC – Control Tower Management System , at the International Airport of São Paulo – in Brazil.

    Today the Saipher systems are in use in more than 100 Brazilian aerodromes, covering from the AFIS stations operated by just one controller to international airports with intense movement, as well as Air Bases and other specific missions.

    In a worldwide scale, our systems of electronic strips for Control Towers are the most widely used, controlling and managing daily thousands of landings and take-offs.

    Currently the TATIC®Total Air Traffic Information Control – system represents the second generation of ATC solutions, gathering a set of systems for use in Control Towers and other air traffic management and control organs.

    Besides the SGTC licenses installed, in 2007 another 150 copies of the second generation of systems (TATIC®) were acquired, making Brazil reach the mark of more than 200 aerodromes with electronic strips system in the control towers by the year 2013.

  • TATIC® Solution

    The TATIC® Solution – Total Air Traffic Information Control – encompasses a set of modules that are integrated for use in the most diverse sectors of planning, management and air traffic control.

    The systems were developed using technology and knowledge accumulated over ten years of Saipher projects in the aeronautical segment, providing the automation of functions, simplification and optimization of processes and increased efficiency and safety in operations.

    Most of the systems that comprise our solution replace the conventional strips of paper with “Electronic Flight Progress Strips” (EFPS), which contain flight plan information and are digitally distributed among the various operational positions, creating standardization and the automatic organization of information besides a paper free environment.

    The EFPS are the basis for TATIC® Family operations and the models present in the control towers are the solution’s central point as a whole. A database is naturally created with the automation of functions, and this makes information available in real time for all TATIC® modules.

    The TATIC® modules can operate in an integrated manner so that the information that originates in one system is immediately available to the others, transiting automatically, organically and instantaneously. Thus, information that originates in a control tower is immediately made available in the TATIC ATIS, TATIC AIS or even in the ACC or APP module; a Flight Plan inserted in the TATIC AIS module creates a strip in the control tower and so on, successively, in all available combinations.

    This information can also be shared with other systems, in real time or not, supplying data of utmost relevance for billing, statistics, management (AFTM) and others.


    The TATIC® TWR module was developed with the objective of controlling and managing the flow of air traffic information existing in a control tower, through software based on the electronic strip concept, the TATIC® Workstation.

    TATIC® TWR embodies the second generation of Saipher ATC electronic strip systems for traffic control in aerodromes. It presents new resources, being extremely configurable to adapt to the most varied operational situation such as: military bases, small and large airports, AFIS stations, temporary control organs, special operations, etc.

    The same way that the SGTC (Control Tower Management System developed by Saipher and in use in 108 aerodromes), TATIC® TWR substitutes the conventional paper “strips” for “Electronic Flight Progression Strips” (EFPS). Each one of these strips represents an aircraft and contains information of its flight plan, being digitally distributed among the various operational positions, creating a silent, fast, paper-free environment. The natural movement of these strips by the operators reflects the aircrafts’ actions at the airport.

    Integration with other modules
    The great difference between TATIC® TWR and SGTC is the integration of the first with the other TATIC® Solution modules, making the solution a powerful, global use tool in the control and management of air traffic information.


    One of the most marking characteristics of this system is the possibility of complete personalizing the product, everything from work flow, screen layout, behavior and style of the strips, allowing for this same system to serve the needs of any type of aerodrome anywhere in the world.


    Another attribute that stands out a lot in TATIC TWR is its integration capacity. It is capable of communicating actively with the other systems and sectors inside and out of the aerodrome. The integration can take place both at the information level (receiving and sending data for other systems through specific events), or at the interface level allowing access of functions from other systems through the TATIC interface.


    TATIC TWR can have its capacities expanded for the use of resources/technologies such as:

    • AFTN
    • AMHS
    • DCL (via DATALINK)
    • D-TAXI (via DATALINK)


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